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Training Path

Training Paths are the recommended training that will allow a user to develop a specific skillset and knowledge as it relates to an Informatica product or solution. Most training paths are comprised of one to three classes and a certification addressing the learning needs of a specific "role". Each path starts with foundational or core training and progresses with advanced and/or elective training. Certifications are designed to measure the skills and knowledge that can be obtained from Informatica courses.

Product 360 SaaS
Business User
Product 360 SaaS
for Business Users
(Instructor Led)
Product 360 SaaS
Product 360 SaaS:
Manage Product Data
(Instructor Led)
Product 360 SaaS
R40 Developer
(Professional Certification)
Product 360 Developer
Product 360: Create and Manage Catalogs
(Instructor Led or onDemand)
Product 360: Configuration and Management
(Instructor Led or onDemand)
Product 360 10.5
(Professional Certification)
Business User Product 360: Create and Manage Catalogs
(Instructor Led or onDemand)

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Master Data Management
Training Paths


Training Paths


Fundamentals (Instructor Led or onDemand)


(onDemand eLearning)


ActiveVOS Integration
for Product 360
(Instructor Led or onDemand)


Product 360: Create and Manage Catalogs (Instructor Led or onDemand)

Additional Programs

Informatica offers programs to extend learning in convenient and economic packages. Programs include self-paced subscriptions as well as bundled instructor led training and certifications. Each program is curated around a specific skillset to enable customer success.

365University Master Data Management Annual Subscription

Informatica MasterPass Education Subscription

Informatica Learning Library


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