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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Informatica University Education Subscriptions are collections of Informatica Instructor Led and/or Self-Paced courses with hands-on labs and Certifications (where applicable) to instill the knowledge and skills needed for success. Each package is curated to provide a vast array of training as well as opportunities to expand skills across Informatica products and solutions. Each program gives continual access to training for 365 days, giving substantial opportunities to learn at a fraction of the cost.

How does it work?
  • Select the Informatica University Education Subscription that aligns with your goals (see list below)
  • Register for training when it fits your schedule
  • Access the onDemand courses for self-study and develop and practice skills with our hands-on labs
  • Attend instructor led Lab Forums to ask questions, get assistance with a lab, learn from others’ questions, push your knowledge envelope.
  • Prepare for your certifications

The combination of Instructor Led (where applicable) and Self-Paced options give you the most flexibility to learn just in time for your projects or to build out a plan to up-skill/cross-skill and certify your expertise. Go through the various eLearning modules as often as needed and practice with our hands-on labs. Our subscription programs are designed for real-world learners who need flexibility in when and how they learn.

Gain access to all of our onDemand (self-paced) courses with our Learning Library subscription or take full advantage of the whole Informatica University Course Catalog (including all instructor led courses) with our Masterpass subscription.
Alternatively, our IDMC and 365University subscriptions are designed to instill the core skills needed for an implementation or post-production role. The key courses for your skillset are at the center of the package with videos and hands-on labs to gain knowledge and practice. Also included are helpful reference materials, and Certification exams validating your knowledge and value.
Select the subscription name below to learn more about the contents of that subscription.
Power User Axon for Community Users (Instructor Led or onDemand) Axon Content Curation (Instructor Led) Axon for Power Users (Instructor Led) Axon Data Governance (Professional Certification) Axon Data Governance (Professional Certification) Axon Data Governance (Professional Certification) Some more content to make this bigger asdf asdf asdf

Informatica offers programs to extend learning in convenient and economic packages. Programs include self-paced subscriptions as well as bundled instructor led training and certifications. Each program is curated around a specific skillset to enable customer success.

365University Data Governance Annual Subscription

Informatica MasterPass Education Subscription

Informatica Learning Library

Data Governance & Privacy Journey Master

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