Product 360:

Create and Manage Catalogs

onDemand | MDM | Self-Paced | Version 10.5.1

Course Overview

Gain the skills required to create and manage catalogs in the Product 360 web UI. Learn the frequently used terminologies, manage data, classify data, create, and execute standard and workflow tasks, perform data quality checks, use the CLAIRE accelerator to auto-classify items, auto translate product information and extract brand names. This course is applicable to software version 10.5.1.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Identify the challenges of working with product data
  • Describe the solution
  • Describe the Product 360 use cases
  • Explore the client interfaces
  • Navigate the Web UI
  • Describe data management activities supported in the Product 360 Web UI
  • Create and manage items and products
  • Use dashboards and Flex UIs
  • Classify products and items
  • Classify data with CLAIRE, auto translate product information, and extract brand names.
  • Attach media assets to products/items
  • Create and manage static and dynamic tasks
  • Execute workflow tasks
  • Describe the data quality life cycle
  • Describe data quality definitions, principles, rules, and checks
  • Import data
  • Merge data into the master catalog
  • Export data

Target Audience

  • Business User


  • None
Module 1: Product 360: Introduction
  • Product 360 introduction
  • Operational model for Product 360
  • High-level architecture
  • Terminology
  • Product and Item relationship
Module 2: User Interfaces
  • User interfaces for Product 360
  • Web client user interface
  • Lab: Web Client overview
Module 3: Data Classification
  • Manage Items/Products
  • Dashboard
  • Structures/Classifications/CLAIRE Recommendation services
  • Prices
  • References
  • Spellchecks
  • Multimedia - Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Lab: Creating and Managing Items and Products
  • Lab: Classifying data
  • Lab: Classifying data using CLAIRE
  • Lab: Auto translate product information and extract brand names using Claire
  • Lab: Adding Multimedia Documents
Module 4: Data Management
  • Assign Items to Products / Variants or generate a Product / Variant
  • Characteristics
  • Flex UI Templates
  • Lookups – dependent lookups for Characteristics and value providers
  • Searching for data – search query enhancements
  • Assortments
  • Audit Trail
  • Lab: Assign Items to Products / Variants or Generate a Product / Variant
  • Lab: Define Characteristics and Lookup values
  • Lab: Dependent Lookups and Characteristic Value Providers
  • Lab: Search records
  • Lab: Saved Search Queries
  • Lab: Create Assortments
  • Lab: View modification history using Audit Trail
Module 5: Tasks and Workflows
  • Overview of Tasks
  • Standard and Dynamic tasks
  • Workflow tasks
  • Lab: Create and use a static task
  • Lab: Create and use a Dynamic task
  • Lab: Execute a Workflow task
Module 6: Data Quality
  • Data quality overview
  • Performing data quality checks
  • Lab: Execute data quality rules
  • Lab: Execute data quality rule with CLAIRE
Module 7: Import, Merge, and Export
  • Import
  • Merge
  • Export
  • Lab: Import data
  • Lab: Merge data
  • Lab: Export data

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