MDM Client Application Design

Instructor Led | Master Data Management | 4 days | Version 10.4

Course Overview

Explore the skills required to configure a data director application through the provisioning tool. In addition to defining the core business entity components, you will learn to configure customized user interface components and role-based access to the entities.
This course is applicable to version 10.4.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe MDM Tool spectrum
  • Create business entities, reference entities
  • Configure relationships between entities
  • Define network and hierarchies
  • Perform file import and export
  • Define role-based access to business entities
  • Configure custom user interfaces specific to business entities
  • Manage and create master data through the application
  • Perform data cleansing and merging duplicate business entities
  • Define search standard and extended search queries
  • Configure ElasticSearch
  • Perform MDM and BPM integration for team collaboration
  • Define Entity 360 security
  • Customize the Customer 360 data model

Target Audience

  • Developer


Module 1: Introduction to Master Data Management
  • Master Data
  • Challenges of Master Data Maintenance
  • Master Data Management
  • Master Data Management Architecture
  • Data Governance
  • MDM Tools and Users
  • MDM Hub
  • Operational Reference Store (ORS)
  • IDD Configuration Manager
  • Provisioning Tool
  • SIF, BES, and REST API
  • Manage Master Data
Module 2: Introduction to MDM Data Director
  • MDM Data Director
  • MDM Data Director – Key Functionalities
  • MDM Data Director Framework
  • MDM Data Director Components
  • Queries
  • Export Search Results
  • Search and Replace
  • Import File
  • Adhoc Match
  • ActiveVos and Workflows
  • Lab: Add Data Through a Multi-level Approval Workflow
  • Lab: Two-step Workflow
  • Lab: Basic and Extended queries
  • Lab: Import Business Entities and Relationships
  • Lab: Import and Export data
  • Lab: Perform an Adhoc match
Module 3: Configure MDM Data Director Application
  • MDM Data Director Application
  • Components Used to Configure MDM Data Director
  • Create MDM Data Director Application
  • Business Entities
  • Business Entity Model
  • Create Business Entities
  • Reference Entity
  • Create Reference Entity
  • Business Entity View
  • Configure Business Entity Views
  • Lab: Create MDM Data Director Application
  • Lab: Configure Reference Entities
  • Lab: Configure Business Entities and Relationships
  • Lab: Configure Business Entity Views
Module 4: Business Entity Relationships
  • Business Entity Relationships
  • Hierarchy Relationships
  • Networks Relationships
  • General Deployment
  • Lab: Configure Networks
  • Lab: Configure a Family Hierarchy
  • Lab: Configure an Organization Hierarchy
Module 5: Customize MDM Data Director Application User Interface
  • Overview of MDM Data Director Layouts
  • External Components
  • Task Manager
  • Customize MDM Data Director Layouts
  • Charts
  • Lab: Customize MDM Data Director Application External Components
  • Lab: Customize MDM Data Director Entity Layouts
  • Lab: Customize MDM Data Director Application Home Pages
Module 6: Similar Records, Related Records, and Charts
  • Similar Records
  • Related Records
  • Charts
  • Lab: Define Related Records
  • Lab: Configure Charts
Module 7: Data Cleansing
  • Transforming Business Entities and Views
  • Transformation Sources and Targets
  • Cleanse Transformations
  • Transformations in Read and Write Processes
  • Cleansing in the MDM Data Director Application
  • Modelling Business Entity Views
  • Configure Business Entity to View Transformation
  • Configure View to Business Entity Transformation
  • Configure Business Entity to Business Entity Transformation
  • Cleansing via DaaS
  • Lab: Enrich the person business entity
  • Lab: Configure and Use Transformations
  • Lab: Skill Application
  • Lab: Import Files
Module 8: Smart Search and ElasticSearch
  • Smart Search
  • ElasticSearch
  • Filter
  • Lab: Configure ElasticSearch
  • Lab: Set a Custom Search View
  • Lab: Define filters
Module 9: Configure Workflows
  • Workflow
  • Workflow in MDM Data Director
  • Pre-requisites for Workflows
  • Steps to Configure Workflow
  • Workflow Engine
  • Task Configuration
  • Triggers Configuration
  • Task Type Configuration
  • Task Template Configuration
  • ActiveVOS Integration
  • Lab: ActiveVOS Integration
  • Lab: Custom Merge Layout
  • Lab: Two-step Merge Approval
  • Lab: Custom Unmerge Layout
  • Lab: Two-step Unmerge Approval
Module 10: Match Rule Sets
  • Match Rule Sets
  • Wizard
  • Mapping Parameter
  • Column Mapping
  • Training
  • Match Explanation
  • Preview
Module 11: Customize Customer 360 Application
  • MDM Applications
  • MDM Application Deployment
  • Customer 360 Application
  • Lab: Customize Customer 360 Application
  • Lab: Customize Business Entity Configuration
  • Lab: Define Business Entity Views for Product
  • Lab: Data Cleansing for Customer 360
Module 12: Localization and Troubleshooting
  • Localization
  • Log Files for Troubleshooting
  • Best practices
  • Common issues
  • Backup and Restore

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