Multidomain MDM for Administrators

onDemand | Master Data Management | Self-Paced | Version 10.x

Course Overview

Explore the skills required to administer the MDM Multidomain Edition (MDM Hub). Learn how to perform administration of MDM Hub, maintenance, and management tasks to include managing MDM Hub Repositories, security, monitoring and troubleshooting.
Applicable for users of software version 10.x


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Provide an overview of the MDM Multidomain Edition
  • Give a summary of the MDM Hub configuration phases
  • Briefly describe the MDM Hub Administrator role tasks
  • Create a new operational reference store (ORS)
  • Validate metadata for a repository using Repository Manager
  • Provide an overview of MDM Hub security
  • Manage user access to the MDM Hub, roles and privileges and secure resources
  • Maintain MDM Hub tool access
  • Monitor log files required for troubleshooting in the MDM Hub
  • Identify common operational reference store (ORS) problem in the MDM Hub
  • Employ various tools to troubleshoot metadata and analyze Hub performance
  • Configure and monitor Message Queues in the MDM Hub
  • Troubleshoot common IDD connectivity problems
  • Identify areas where performance may be improved for the MDM Hub
  • Describe and understand the functionality of Informatica Data Director (IDD), E360 framework, and the Provisioning Tool
  • Identify and work with the new features in MDM Multidomain Edition 10.1
  • Describe the primary log files

Target Audience

  • Administrator


  • None
Module 1: Administration Overview
  • Master Data Overview
  • Master Data Management (MDM) goals
  • Multidomain MDM key capabilities
  • MDM Hub Application Server and Database Server tier components
  • MDM Hub master data process
  • MDM Hub configuration phases
  • MDM configuration tools
  • The roles that typically perform the tasks in these configuration phases
Module 2: Managing MDM Hub Repositories
  • Operational Reference Store (ORS) scripts
  • Importing metadata
  • Registering an ORS
  • Validating the metadata
  • Importing metadata from a like ORS into a new ORS
  • Lab: Create and Register an ORS
  • Lab: Import and Validate an ORS
Module 3: Managing Security
  • MDM Hub Security concepts
  • Security tasks
  • Global Password Policy for the MDM Hub
  • Managing users in the MDM Hub
  • User groups administration
  • Assigning databases to users
  • User password administration
  • MDM for LDAP authentication
  • Secure MDM Hub resources
  • Defining roles and assigning privileges
  • Assigning roles to users
  • Workbench tools and processes access
  • Lab: Create Users in the MDM Hub
  • Lab: Create User Groups
  • Lab: Configure and Utilize LDAP Authentication
  • Lab: Configure Secure Resources and Privileges
  • Lab: Grant Hub Console Tools and Process Access
Module 4: Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Log Files and troubleshooting
  • Reading log files related to the MDM Hub Console
  • Configuring ORS database logging
  • Troubleshooting ORS Connection Issues
  • Database input/output (I/O) troubleshooting
  • Repository metadata troubleshooting
  • Configuration Support Manager
  • Informatica MDM Hub processes
  • Executing MDM Hub processes
  • Scheduling of Batch Groups
  • The Publish Process
  • Lab: Enable Database (ORS) Logging
  • Lab: Set Connection Pool Settings
  • Lab: Use the Configuration Inspection Tools
  • Lab: Configure Batch Jobs
Module 5: Message Queues and Triggers
  • JMS Queue Messages and Architecture
  • Message Queue Configuration
  • Troubleshooting Message Queue Issues
  • Message triggers
  • Outbound queues and triggers
  • ORS production mode
  • Lab: Configure Message Queues in the MDM Hub
Module 6: Informatica Data Director
  • Informatica MDM and Data Director
  • The functionality of IDD
  • The main components of IDD
  • General errors and resolution steps
  • Lab: Identify How Valid Users Login to IDD
Module 7: Performance Tuning
  • Database Server MDM Hub performance issues
  • Application Server MDM Hub performance issues
  • Services Integration Framework (SIF) API performance
  • Batch process performance
Module 8: Additional Features
  • Workflow manager
  • Data encryption
  • Core components of MDM Hub
  • Cleanse functions provided by external cleanse engines
  • Zero Downtime
  • Smart Search feature
  • User exits processes
Module 9: Log Files
  • Hub Server log file
  • Cleanse Server log file
  • Hub Console log file
  • JBoss log file
  • Process Server log file
  • Debug log file

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