Informatica University

Private Training Classes

Train Your Team in a Private Venue with a Live Instructor

Informatica University offers private, instructor-led sessions, virtual or onsite, based on standard courses, as requested by the customer. Have a group of team members in need of similar training? Our private sessions, virtual or onsite, allow flexibility to train multiple people in a safe and interactive environment with a designated instructor. Gain real project experience through guided hands-on labs and get the most out of your Informatica Product investment.

Key Benefits Include:
  • Sessions scheduled based on customer availability
  • Live instructor interaction and assistance in real-time
  • Gain hands-on experience in a hosted lab environment
  • Ask your questions to an expert instructor during training
  • Train together and foster team building and collaboration

Check out our available private sessions through Informatica University's Training Paths. If you require further assistance on scheduling and course recommendations, please contact [email protected].

Training FAQs: