Cloud Data Governance
and Catalog:

Instructor Led | IDMC Data Governance | 3 Days | August 2023 Release

Course Overview

Learn to set up the Cloud Data Governance and Catalog (CDGC) runtime environment, create users, roles, groups, and assign permissions to them.
This course is applicable to August 2023 Release.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Create users, roles, and user groups
  • Assign permissions and privileges to users, roles, and groups
  • Set up the runtime environment
  • Configure sizing for runtime environment
  • Onboard data

Target Audience

  • Administrator


  • None
Module 1: Introduction to IICS
  • Overview of IICS
  • Benefits of using Cloud Platform
  • IICS Architecture
  • Common Terminologies
  • IICS Services
  • Orgs and Sub-orgs
  • Online Help
  • Lab: Getting Started
Module 2: Introduction to Cloud Data Governance and Catalog (CDGC)
  • Overview
  • Challenges
  • CDGC as a solution
  • Benefits of CDGC
  • CDGC Architecture
  • Personas
  • Services used for CDGC
  • Getting Started with CDGC
Module 3: Exploring the User Interface
  • Administrator service
  • Metadata Command Center service
  • Data Governance and Catalog service
Module 4: Runtime Environment
  • Hosted agents
  • Secure agents and secure agent groups
  • Serverless environments
  • Secure agent installation
  • Sizing
  • Lab: Installing Secure Agent
Module 5: Roles, Groups, and Users
  • User Roles
  • Asset Permissions
  • Feature Privileges
  • User Groups
  • Users
  • Lab: Creating User Roles
  • Lab: Creating User Groups
  • Lab: Creating Users
Module 6: Connections
  • Types of connections
  • Creating connections
  • Managing Connections
  • Permissions
  • Lab: Creating an Amazon S3 Connection
  • Lab: Creating a Postgres Connection
  • Lab: Creating a SQL Server Connection
Module 7: Metadata Assets
  • Lookup Table
  • Data Classifications
  • Relationship Inference Models
  • Glossary Association
  • Pre-defined Content
  • Lab: Creating Lookup Tables
  • Lab: Creating Data Element Classification Rules
  • Lab: Creating Data Entity Classification Rules
  • Lab: Uploading Glossary Content
  • Lab: Importing Pre-defined Content
  • Lab: Creating Custom Attributes
Module 8: Onboarding Data
  • Supported Catalog Sources
  • Filters
  • Creating catalog source
  • Monitoring jobs
  • Connection assignment
  • Lab: Creating an Amazon S3 Catalog Source
  • Lab: Creating a Flat File Catalog Source
  • Lab: Creating a Postgres Catalog Source
  • Lab: Creating a Microsoft SQL Server Catalog Source
  • Lab: Creating an Informatica Cloud Data Integration Catalog Source
  • Lab: Performing Connection Assignment
Module 9: Custom Catalog Source and Custom Lineage
  • Custom Models
  • Custom Catalog Source Types
Module 10: Configuring Workflows
  • Workflows
  • Pre-defined workflows
  • Tickets
Module 11: Workshop
  • Onboarding Data from an Amazon S3 Catalog Source

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