Cloud Data Governance & Catalog:

Data Stewardship and Curation

Instructor Led | Cloud Data Governance | 3 Days | July 2022 Release

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Course Overview

Learn to create business data assets such as policies, processes, glossaries, systems, and datasets, enhance and enrich assets with business context, and ensure that data is governed through a single cloud platform. You will also learn to search and analyze catalog information, including asset relationships, lineage, and profiling to help you in business analysis. This course is applicable to software release version 2022-July.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Create governance assets
  • Link related systems and datasets
  • Create asset relationships
  • Curate glossary associations
  • Work with dashboards
  • Enrich and enhance assets with business context
  • Search for and view asset details
  • Raise tickets to enhance assets

Target Audience

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Steward
  • End User
  • Metadata Manager


  • None
Module 1: Introduction to CDGC
  • Overview of IICS – overview, apps/services, terminologies
  • Overview of CDGC
  • How is CDGC connected to IICS?
  • Business case
  • Features
  • What is your role here in CDGC?
  • Permission and Privileges for the role
  • Terminologies
  • Technical Assets vs Business Assets
  • Getting Started with CDGC – tasks that will be performed in this course/planning
Module 2: Exploring CDGC
  • Home page
  • Dashboard
  • Search toolbars
  • Browse options
  • Notifications
  • Lab: Explore CDGC UI

Module 3: Search and Discover
  • Basic Search
  • Search Queries
  • Asset 360-degree view
  • Value Frequency
  • Data Types
  • Patterns
  • Data Classification Discovery
  • Labs: Basic/Advance/Query patterns/Complex Queries

Module 4: Stakeholdership
  • Role-based access control
  • Stakeholder-based access control
  • Lab: Assign stakeholders to assets

Module 5: Notifications
  • Setting up notifications
  • Profile configuration
  • Lab: Configure Notifications

Module 6: Workflows, Tasks, and Tickets
  • Overview
  • Types of workflows
  • Types of Tasks
  • Raising a ticket
  • Monitoring a workflow
  • Lab: Raise a ticket to make changes to an asset

Module 7: Glossary Assets
  • Domains
  • Sub domains
  • Metrics
  • Business Terms
  • Glossary Associations
  • Lab: Create Domains
  • Lab: Create Sub-Domains
  • Lab: Create Metrics
  • Lab: Create Business Terms
  • Lab: Enrich technical Assets with governance context

Module 8: Systems, Datasets, and Lineage
  • Systems
  • Datasets
  • Lineage
  • Lab: Create Systems with resources
  • Lab: Create Datasets with data elements and link to systems
  • Lab: Review Lineage

Module 9: Policies
  • Policy definition
  • Examples
  • Creation
  • Lab: Create policies and sub-policies
  • Lab: Define policy relationships

Module 10: Processes
  • Process definition
  • Examples
  • Creation
  • Lab: Create a Process
  • Lab: Link processes to assets through relationships

Module 11: Bulk Upload of Assets
  • Upload templates
  • Lab: Bulk upload assets into CDGC

Module 12: Working with Dashboards
  • Introduction
  • Default dashboard
  • Custom dashboard
  • Managing dashboards
  • Lab: Create custom dashboard

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