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Axon for Content Curation

Instructor Led | Data Quality| 4 Days | Version 7.2

Axon Content Curation

Course Overview

Applicable for users of software version 7.x. Build your Data Governance Strategy step by step delivering content that the whole organization can consume and leverage. Learn to curate, create, and upload content while using Axon inventories to define, document, and explore key organizational business structures.

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After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Participate in data governance initiatives.
  • Identify Axon Data Governance use cases
  • Discuss the use of permissions in Axon.
  • Manually create objects in Axon.
  • Use templates to upload objects
  • Edit objects, including defining descriptions, stakeholders and impact.
  • Configure system and data lineage.
  • Link Axon Systems and Attributes to EDC Resources and Fields.
  • Curate automatically on-boarded EDC Attributes.
  • Define projects, policies and processes.
  • Design and create custom workflows.
  • Raise and follow through on change requests.
  • Explain Axons Mandatory Workflow Process.
  • Launch Data Privacy Management Privacy Dashboards.
  • Use Axon to display Data Quality Scores across key enterprise elements.
  • Automate Data Quality Rules.
  • Describe the impact of segmenting data in Axon.
  • Use Axon Data Marketplace to request and approve access to data.
  • Use Axon from a project perspective.

Target Audience

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Steward
  • End User



Module 1: Axons Data Governance Methodology

  • Must Dos for Data Governance Success
  • Principles for an Axon Implementation
  • Key Axon Resources
  • Getting Started - object order definition
  • Lab: Getting Started

Module 2: Getting Started in Axon

  • User Permissions and effects
  • Manual creation of objects
  • Bulk upload of objects
  • Project Overview
  • Lab: Project Kickoff

Module 3: The Glossary

  • Glossary definition best practices
  • Manual creation of glossary items
  • Bulk upload creation of glossary items
  • Lab: Manually creating Glossary objects in Axon
  • Lab: Create Glossary objects in Axon using Bulk Upload
  • Lab: Updating ungoverned Glossary items
  • Lab: Define a Glossary Relationship
  • Lab: Creating Links from the Project to the Glossary Objects

Module 4: Systems, Datasets, Interfaces & Lineage

  • System and Data Set Lineage
  • Manual definition of systems and system interfaces
  • Linking dataset attributes
  • Associate objects in other inventories to give context to lineage
  • Lab: Define a System
  • Lab: Create a System Interface
  • Lab: Create a Dataset with Attributes
  • Lab: Define Attribute Links and review Lineage
  • Lab: Bulk upload Attribute Links

Module 5: Leveraging Enterprise Data Catalog Content in Axon

  • EDC Overview
  • Linking Axon Systems to EDC Resources
  • Linking Axon Attributes to EDC Fields
  • Lineage Recommendations
  • Automatic and Intelligent Onboarding
  • Curate auto-onboarded Attributes
  • Lab: Link to EDC Resources to existing Axon Systems and Fields
  • Lab: Linking EDC Resources to New Axon Systems
  • Lab: Review Fields and Lineage in EDC
  • Lab: Lineage Recommendations
  • Lab: Curate onboarded Attributes and Review Lineage
  • Lab: Review Automated Attribute Relationships

 Module 6: Policies

  • Policy Overview
  • Manual creation of policies
  • Creating child/sub policies
  • Axon Data Marketplace Policies
  • Lab: Create a Policy
  • Lab: Policy Datasets and Attributes
  • Lab: Bulk Update Existing Policies
  • Lab: Data Marketplace Policies

Module 7: Leveraging Data Privacy Management Dashboards in Axon

  • Integrating Data Privacy Management with Axon
  • Connect Axon Systems to DPM Data Stores
  • Connect Axon Policies to DPM Security and Classification Policies
  • Lab: Leveraging Data Privacy Dashboards in Axon

Module 8: Process

  • Process Overview
  • Manual creation of processes
  • Bulk upload of processes and process predecessors
  • Process components
  • Process maps
  • Lab: Create a Process
  • Lab: Bulk upload Processes
  • Lab: Define and upload Process Predecessors
  • Lab: Link Processes

Module 9: Workflows and Change Requests

  • Custom and default workflows
  • Workflow creation
  • Change requests
  • Active workflows and workflow notifications
  • Lab: Create a Workflow
  • Lab: Raise a Change Request

Module 10: Mandatory Approval Process

  • Mandatory Approval Process Overview
  • Creating and editing objects
  • Lab: Configure Mandatory Workflow Approval
  • Lab: Step through Mandatory Workflow Approval for Glossary Creation
  • Lab: Step through Mandatory Workflow Approval for Glossary Editing

Module 11: Data Quality

  • Data Quality Overview
  • Local and Standard Data Quality rules
  • Using Data Quality to update scores
  • Manual and bulk upload of DQ rules and reports
  • Automating Data Quality Rules
  • Lab: Data Quality Measures
  • Lab: Data Quality Reports
  • Lab: Axon Integration with Data Quality
  • Lab: Process Related Data Quality
  • Lab: Automating Data Quality Rules

Module 12: Segmentation

  • What is Data Segmentation?
  • When to segment data
  • Link objects between segments
  • Lab: Review Segmented Content
  • Lab: Define objects in segments and link across segments
  • Lab: Review updated segmented content

Module 13: Axon Data Marketplace

  • What is Axon Data Marketplace?
  • Why leverage Data Marketplace in your organization
  • Data Marketplace users and roles
  • Data Marketplace process
  • Publish data to Data Marketplace
  • Request access to data
  • Review Requests for Data
  • Lab: Publish datasets to Data Marketplace
  • Lab: Administrating Data Collection Requests

Module 14: Projects – Impact Assessment

  • Project connections
  • Relating projects and project dependencies
  • Assess project impact
  • Review DQ Dashboard
  • Lab: Review and update the GDPR Project
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Instructor Led | Data Quality | 4 Days | Version 7.2

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