Informatica University

Training Paths

Enabling you to develop a distinct skillset and knowledge.

Training Paths are the recommended training that will allow a user to develop a specific skillset and knowledge as it relates to an Informatica product or solution.

Most training paths are comprised of one to three classes and a certification addressing the learning needs of a specific “role”. Each path starts with foundational or core training and progresses with advanced and/or elective training. Certifications are designed to measure the skills and knowledge that can be obtained from Informatica courses.

FAQ's & Support:

 Training Paths
Explore Informatica Intelligent
Data Management Cloud, integrate
data using cloud-based applications.
Axon Data Governance
Ensure your applications are
fueled with relevant, timely, and
trustworthy data.
Enterprise Data Catalog
Utilize Enterprise Data
Catalog (EDC) to discover
and explore datasets.
Master Data Management
Leverage the power of AI and
machine learning to locate,
access, and utilize trusted data.
Data Privacy
Discover, classify, analyze, and
monitor personal and sensitive
data across your organization.
Data Quality
Implement, foster, and automate
a data quality assurance process
with the Data Quality platform.
Product 360
Manage items, products, and
catalogs through the Informatica
MDM Product 360 user interface.
Data Integration
Develop and maintain PowerCenter
and B2B Exchanges via courses for
Developers & Administrators.
Data Engineering
Ingest, stream, prepare,
catalog, and utilize big data
for your projects.