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MDM Product 360: Business Users, Delta 8.0 to 8.0.5

onDemand eLearning | MDM | Self-Paced (90 minutes)

MDM Product 360: Business Users, Delta 8.0 to 8.0.5

Course Overview

Review the major changes and new features in version 8.0.5 for business users in the user interface, GDSN, Worldsync, and Business Process Management. 

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After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the new features and functions of the Product 360 release 8.0.5 and how they may be leveraged. 

Target Audience

  • Business Users of Product 360 (formerly PIM)



Module 1: New Media User Interface

  • Demo how to work with assets in the Product 360 web application 

Module 2: GS1 and GDSN Updates

  • What is GS1 and GDSN
  • Benefits of the GDSN
  • How the GDSN works
  • What to keep in mind
  • Overview of 1WorldSync Item Management Accelerator

Module 3: GDSN Accelerator 

  • Walkthrough Product 360 using the GDSN accelerator 

Module 4: Business Process Management 

  • What's new in Product 360 concerning Business Process Management 

Module 5: BPM Walk through and details 

  • How to use the sample workflow
  • How to setup failover mechanism between Product 360 Application Server and Informatica BPM Server
  • Available Documentation
  • Sizing Details

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onDemand eLearning | MDM | Self-Paced 

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