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ILM Dynamic Data Masking 9.x: Developer, Administrator 

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ILM Dynamic Data Masking 9.x: Developer, Administrator

Course Overview

This hands-on course familiarizes developers responsible for configuring Informatica dynamic Data Masking with the essential terminology and concepts necessary to understand what goes into a DDM implementation and introduces them to the fundamental capabilities of the DDM user interface. With hands on labs, it walks them through the Management Console which is used to configure data masking rules and explains how to specify conditions that qualify incoming SQL queries for data masking. Each step is supported by labs.

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After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Install and deploy Informatica Dynamic Data Masking to provide real-time masking of production database
  • Use DDM interface to configure masking rules specific databases

Target Audience

  • Professional developers responsible for configuring Informatica Dynamic Data Masking
  • Data Integration Developers
  • Data Integration Managers


  • Knowledge of database concepts
  • Familiarity with client server model
  • Knowledge of Structures Query Language (SQL)


Module 01: Informatica Dynamic Data Masking Overview

  • Define the purpose of DDM
  • Define terms used in DDM
  • List and define the function of DDM components
  • Identify common issues and troubleshoot them

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