Reference data management should be a key focus of any organisations’ data management and data governance strategy. Poor manual reference data management can impact an organisation in many ways:

  • Inaccurate financial and operational reporting, affecting business decisions and raising non-compliance risks
  • Requiring significant amounts of internal resource hours to manually manage reference data tables and minimise errors
  • Impacting on the delivery of Cloud migrations and ERP transformations when reference data cannot easily be synchronised between legacy and new systems
  • Complicating a company’s Chart of Account data, creating challenges for insightful financial planning and forecasting.

Given these challenges, and as the number and complexity of data sources continue to grow, many organisations are now looking into the potential benefits an automated, centralised approach to reference data management can deliver for their organisation.

Join Informatica’s Reference Data Management for Data Governance Virtual Workshop where we will discuss how an automated, centralised approach can drive significant benefits by authoring, governing and distributing reference data to improve business insight and reduce costs and risks.

Date: Tuesday, 8 February 2022
Time: 09:30 AM GMT
Location: Microsoft Teams


Eric Morel Journel
Andrew Templeman
MDM Specialist

Eric Morel Journel
Barry Wildhagen
Senior MDM Product Specialist, EMEA