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Transform business data into intelligent customer experience

Customer 360 Summit

Transform business data into intelligent customer experience

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Customer experience is a competitive battleground. To meet customers’ increasingly high expectations, brands that want to stand apart in a crowded marketplace know that they need to put customers at the center of their business. They also need to intelligently use their data to gain the best understanding of what customers want.

By taking a modern approach to customer data management, achieving a 360º view of the customer is well within reach. And with the power of an intelligent cloud platform, it has never been easier to implement, manage, and put your customer data to work.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the industry’s first fully cloud-native Customer 360 that brings together your customer data management needs in an all-in-one solution.

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Duration: 60 mins
Introducing Informatica Customer 360 SaaS
Manouj Tahiliani, GM MDM & Business 360
As digitization impacts companies of every size, you need to translate business data into intelligent customer experiences across all channels. In this keynote, we'll introduce the industry’s most enterprise-scale, cloud-native Customer 360 SaaS solution. Hear how Informatica’s all-in-one approach revolutionizes how customer data is managed and used to gain a deeper understanding of the customer. 
AI-powered, Cloud-native Business 360 Demo
Oliver Soans, Director, Product Management, Informatica
Solution demo showcasing Informatica’s capabilities to support customer 360 views and use cases with a fully cloud-native solution.
Maximize Customer Value with the Next Best Experience
Brandon Purcell, Principal Analyst, Forrester
In a time when it is more important than ever to win and retain customers, delivering a superior customer experience is critical. The solution lies in a new analytics paradigm: the next best experience (NBX). This session will focus on recent trends in customer analytics, introduce the concept of the next best experience, and explain how companies are adopting it as an operational paradigm.
Client Presentation: Improving CX with a Single View of the Customer
Alex Brown, Head of Digital Marketing and Transformation, Jardine Motors
Jardine Motors represents 14 of the world's most well-known, premium automotive manufacturers, operating in over 60 locations across the UK. To establish a single view of the customer across legacy systems, Jardine relies on Informatica Cloud Customer 360. The single view drives GDPR compliance and feeds Salesforce Sales and Marketing Clouds to support marketing initiatives and householding as well as other business initiatives.
Partner Spotlight: The Business of Experience
Mark Curtis, Head of Innovation and Thought Leadership at Accenture Interactive
In this session, Mark will introduce the business of experience, and share how organizations can deliver personalized and real-time services super-powered by AI and cloud.
Fireside Chat: Improving CX with a Single View of the Camper, Fisherman, and Customer
Terry Britt, Manager Enterprise Data Team, Camping World
With over 25 million customers, Camping World specializes in selling recreational vehicles, recreational vehicle parts and services, and camping supplies. In this fireside chat, Terry Britt joins David Corrigan to discuss how connecting the consumer across diverse lines of business with Informatica Customer 360 helps them fulfill their customer experience vision, improve marketing precision, and increase customer satisfaction.
Closing Comments
Manouj Tahiliani, GM MDM & Business 360

Featured Speakers

Manouj Tailiani
Manouj Tahiliani
GM MDM & Business 360

Brandon Purcell
Brandon Purcell
Principal Analyst

Oliver Soans
Oliver Soans
Director, Product Management

Oliver Soans
Alex Brown
Head of Digital Marketing and Transformation
Jardine Motors

Oliver Soans
Mark Curtis
Head of Innovation and Thought Leadership
Accenture Interactive

Terry Britt
Terry Britt
Manager Enterprise Data Team
Camping World