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Innovating with Data

Staying competitive in a digital first world requires continuous iteration and innovation. Your data can help you create extraordinary experiences, accelerate new product and service introduction, and transform your business model.

Join us for our MDM 360 and Data Governance Summit where you'll hear from some of our customers including Schneider Electric. Gain a real sense of the art of the possible when using data intelligently to innovate and transform your business strategy. Learn from your peers, industry experts, and Informatica product experts on ways to improve your use of data to:

Identify innovation opportunities

  • Increase the accuracy of your analytics by ensuring the quality and consistency of your core business entities
  • Expand the accessibility and understanding of your data to decision makers of all technical skill levels
  • Improve the compliant and transparent use of data in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms

Execute innovation strategies

  • Connect and standardize master data to ensure seamless exchange across business applications and processes
  • Increase visibility and accountability for the flow of data required for successful execution of plans and activities
  • Improve real-time discovery and delivery of data for recommendations, personalized offers, and simplified purchasing and onboarding


Executive Welcome and Keynote
Jitesh Ghai, Chief Product Officer, Informatica

Hear how Data, Cloud, and AI are key to business innovation.

Governing and Mastering Data with AI in the Age of Cloud Transformation
Kevin Petrie, VP of Research, Eckerson Group
As enterprises digitize their businesses on cloud platforms, they generate reams of new data. If they manage this data well, they can make smart, clear decisions and gain competitive advantage. If they manage the data poorly, they risk drowning in complex, inefficient processes that lead to bad decisions.
Master Data Management (MDM) and data and analytics governance help enterprises turn data to their advantage. They can consolidate, reconcile, and ensure the quality of data from fragmented sources, while enabling broad accessibility, contextual understanding, and compliant use. They can create and govern accurate 360-degree business views that drive winning decisions. But how do data leaders achieve these objectives? This session explores the adoption drivers, requirements, and architectural components of effective data governance and MDM. It also addresses the opportunity to streamline these processes with automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Customer Fireside Chat
Roberto Maranca, Data Excellence VP, Schneider Electric
Guillaume Duval, Chief Data Officer, Manutan

Listen to data leaders discuss how they use data to transform and drive innovation at their companies. Learn how they have used master data management and data governance to improve innovation identification and execution. Hear their best practices, tips, and tricks for implementing the practice of MDM and data governance in their organizations.

Partner Perspective
Souvik Mukherjee, Managing Director, Accenture

Accenture will share examples of best practices in using master data management to drive business innovation based on their work with companies across industries. Common challenges, how to address them, and how to drive organizational alignment to improve business outcomes.

Introducing Informatica Intelligent MDM SaaS
Manouj Tahiliani, GVP and GM, MDM & Business 360 Solutions, Informatica

Be the first hear about our new, much anticipated, intelligent multidomain MDM SaaS offering. Learn about product innovations designed to future proof your cloud investment, deliver modern experiences, and increase productivity with AI-powered capabilities. We’ll show you how to build an enterprise 360-degree view of any data domain to support your data-led business initiatives.

Customer Fireside Chat
Søren Skibelund, Enterprise MDM Architect, Novo Nordisk

Learn how Søren has used master data management to improve innovation identification and execution. Hear his best practices, tips, and tricks for implementing the practice of MDM and data governance at Novo Nordisk.

Data Governance Deep Dive 
David Corrigan, GM Data Governance, Quality, and Privacy

Hear our vision and strategy for Data Governance and how it relates to the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud. Learn about the newest innovations in cloud-native governance, catalog and self-service marketplace—and how they help you democratize data and AI with trust.

Solution Demo
Bob Kwilos, Sr. Product Specialist, Informatica
Ian Stahl, Senior Director, Product Management, Informatica

See a product demo showcasing how Intelligent MDM and Data Governance support business innovation, and how AI powered automation increases simplicity, productivity, and scale. ​

Q&A Session
Manouj Tahiliani, GVP and GM, MDM & Business 360 Solutions, Informatica
David Corrigan, GM Data Governance, Quality, and Privacy

Souvik Mukherjee NEW75x95.jpg

Souvik Mukherjee
Managing Director 
Kevin Petrie
VP of Research
Eckerson Group
Roberto Maranca
Data Excellence VP
Schneider Electric
Guillaume Duval
Chief Data Officer

Jitesh Ghai
Jitesh Ghai
Chief Product Officer
Manouj Tahiliani 75x95.jpg
Manouj Tahiliani
GVP & GM, MDM and Business 360
David Corrigan 75x95.jpg
David Corrigan
GM Data Governance, Quality, and Privacy
ian stahl gov demo.jpg
Ian Stahl
Senior Director, Product Management
Bob Kwilos, Senior Product Specialist, Informatica 75 94.jpg
Bob Kwilos
Senior Product Specialist

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