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Cloud Analytics & AI Summit

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Data is the most critical foundation for succeeding with AI and analytics. How can you intelligently simplify, automate, scale, and govern data for AI and analytics? In today’s multi-cloud, multi-hybrid world, you need a comprehensive, cloud-native and AI-powered approach to data management to accelerate time to value, drive innovation, and maximize ROI.

Join us at the Cloud Analytics & AI Summit to learn best practices from industry innovators and experts. You’ll hear how you can:

  • Discover, govern, and democratize trusted data with self-service access to all types of data across your enterprise
  • Maximize performance and efficiency with elastic and serverless processing, and advanced pushdown optimization
  • Control your costs with flexible consumption-based pricing and increased productivity with intelligence and automation
  • Take a comprehensive, AI-powered platform approach to cloud-native data management
  • Innovate with your data on any platform, any cloud, multi-cloud, and multi-hybrid with Intelligent Data Management Cloud

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Welcome and Keynote
Jitesh Ghai, Chief Product Officer, Informatica
Data is one of your most strategic business assets. To succeed in a multi-cloud, multi-hybrid world, you need to cut through the complexity, leverage intelligent automation, and govern your data. With a cloud-native, AI-powered approach, you can accelerate time to value, drive innovation, and maximize ROI.

Analyst View
David Menninger, SVP and Research Director, Ventana Research
The time to innovate is now. Hear where the industry is headed and how you can progress in your digital transformation with data for AI and analytics.

Data Warehouses and Lakes: Deep Dive and Demo
Brett Roscoe, GVP, Product Management, Informatica
Sumeet Agrawal, VP, Product Management, Informatica

See the latest innovations in cloud data management on Intelligent Data Management Cloud.

Customer Perspective
Ryan Johnson, Sr. Manager, Data Engineering, Yum! Brands
Hear how Yum! Brands is working with Informatica to build an enterprise data management strategy on a multi-cloud environment to reduce technical debt for their technology investments, drive user adoption, and support data science at scale across brands.

Partner Persepctive: Governance for Data Warehouses and Lakes
Sudhir Hasbe, Sr. Director of Product Management, Google Cloud
Rik Tamm-Daniels, VP, Strategic Ecosystems and Technology, Informatica
To maximize the value from your cloud data warehouses and lakes, data governance matters more than ever.

Fireside Chat
Manjula Mahajan Director, Data Architecture, Engineering & Analytics, NetApp
Kristen Werner Director of Data Science and Engineering, Snowflake
Brett Roscoe, GVP, Product Management, Informatica
Hear a discussion of challenges and best practices in digitally transforming with data for AI and analytics.

Cloud Modernization Session
Rick Whitford, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting
Suman Kolla, Senior Manager, Deloitte ConsultingPratik Parekh, GVP and GM, Cloud Modernization, Informatica
Join this fireside chat session to hear how Deloitte and Informatica are partnering to help our customers on their cloud modernization journey from PowerCenter to Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services for fast, seamless migration to the cloud while lowering costs.

Innovation Focus
Dr. Garrett Reisman, NASA Astronaut and SpaceX Consultant
The freedom to fail is an essential requirement for breakthrough innovation, but how do you fail safely when your goal is to fly people in space? Drawing from his 13 years of personal experience, Dr. Reisman takes you behind the scenes of human spaceflight—and provides lessons that you can use for yourself and your organization to increase innovation.

David Menninger Headshot_1621264050967001xHlN.png
David Menninger
SVP and Research Director
Ventana Research

Ryan Johnson Headshot 143_1622126184364001aNKf.jpg
Ryan Johnson
Sr. Manager, Data Engineering
Yum! Brands

Sudhir Hasbe Headshot 143_1622126184946001amOy.png
Sudhir Hasbe
Sr. Director of Product Management
Google Cloud

Manjula Mahajan 145 updated_1623762587097001bhHl.png
Manjula Mahajan
Director, Data Architecture, Engineering & Analytics

Kristen Werner Headshot_1621933520368001t40y.jpg
Kristen Werner
Director of Data Science and Engineering

Rick Whitford 145_1622679239566001KOsh.jpg
Rick Whitford
Managing Director, Analytics and Cognitive
Deloitte Consulting

Suman_Kolla 145_1622680877467001jjnX.jpg
Suman Kolla
Senior Manager
Deloitte Consulting

Garrett Reisman photo_1621264050792001xD3B.jpg
Dr. Garrett Reisman
NASA Astronaut and SpaceX Consultant  

Jitesh Ghai
Chief Product Officer

Pratik Parekh 145_1622679339375001HCC5.jpg
Pratik Parekh
GVP and GM, Cloud Modernization

Brett Roscoe_1621264050439001xjRn.jpg
Brett Roscoe
GVP, Product Management

Sumeet Argrawal_1621264049922001xRAz.jpg
Sumeet Agrawal
VP, Product Management

Rik Tamm-Daniels 145_1622679948933001ROcJ.jpg
Rik Tamm-Daniels
VP, Strategic Ecosystems and Technology


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