Are you planning to modernize to a cloud data warehouse (CDW) such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, or Google BigQuery? Maximize the value of your CDW by modernizing PowerCenter to a cloud-native data management platform. Do it faster with lower cost and risk, leveraging highly automated tools and financial incentives.

This 4-part webinar series highlights how an independent, intelligent, cloud-native data management platform addresses today’s customer challenges with cost overruns, resource constraints, and complexity. Session 2 provides details on Informatica’s migration factory and our overall PowerCenter to cloud modernization program. Session 3 highlights the benefits of going cloud-native, such as serverless, ELT, elastic scaling and much more. In Session 4 you will get insights from our customer Pfizer on their Cloud Modernization journey.

Date: Thursdays on 27 Jan | 3 Feb | 10 Feb | 17 Feb
Time: 16:00 - 16:30 CET
Location: Zoom Webinar

Session 1: How to Overcome Cloud Challenges with a Cloud Native Solution
Speaker: Waqar Ahmed

As you embark on a cloud data warehouse and lake modernization journey, you need to rethink your data integration strategies. It's important to understand the challenges that moving to the cloud brings, such as costs overruns, resource constraints, and technology and implementation complexity. As a result, enterprises may struggle to capture benefits like accelerated time to value and ROI. In this session, learn how Informatica's cloud-native, AI-powered, API-driven, and microservices-based enterprise iPaaS, delivers the simplicity, productivity, and scale you need to succeed while lowering cost, complexity, and risks.

Session 2: The Best Way to Modernize from PowerCenter to the Cloud
Speakers: Steve Holyer and Rick Mutsaers

You’ve trusted Informatica PowerCenter for mission-critical data integration needs. As you modernize to the cloud, you want to leverage the investments you have made in on-premises data integration tools while reducing migration costs and risks. In this session, you will learn how to leverage Informatica’s Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization for PowerCenter solution to maximize your investments and accelerate your journey from PowerCenter to the cloud with an intelligent Migration Factory, migration expertise, and ongoing support that automates conversions, lowers costs, and minimizes risk.

Session 3: The Latest Cloud-Native Innovations in Action
Speaker: Vivin Nath

Experience the latest innovations as Informatica experts demonstrate new features and capabilities of Informatica’s cloud-native integration solution. In this session, you will hear about capabilities such as our Optimization Engine that increases your data processing speeds by up to 73 times and uses up to 20 times less hardware to do it, significantly reducing your costs. We will show bundles, templates, wizards and AI-powered recommendations that drive increased productivity. And how Data Quality is built into the data pipelines which makes your life much simpler as a data engineer.

Session 4: Insights from Pfizer on Cloud Modernization Journey
Speakers: Waqar Ahmed, John Leone and Pratik Parekh

Hear from Pfizer how they modernized their analytics platform to Snowflake Data Cloud and used Informatica’s Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization program—including migration automation tools, best practices, and methodology—to achieve success.


Waqar Ahmed 75x95.jpg

Waqar Ahmed

Sr. Director Cloud Sales & Strategy


Steve Holyer

Data Governance & Compliance Specialist


Rick Mutsaers

Principal Architect


Vivin Nath

Director of Product Management

John Leone

Manager, Analytics Tools & Platform Services

Pratik Parekh

GVP and GM, Cloud Modernization