For customers looking to deliver organizational value, the need for data democratization has never been greater. While regulatory requirements and the desire to meet standards for good governance has been a driver in the past, they’ve been replaced by the desire to simplify and speed up the process of getting access to trusted data. And although self-service analytics ranks high as a desirable capability for all companies, most are still on the journey.

This webinar series will address how Informatica lets organizations improve the quality and consistency of their analytics efforts while ensuring that data privacy protection and the enactment of data policies is not compromised:

  • Create and publish data into the Marketplace for consumers to request data
  • Ensure data consumers can find and access the best data for their projects (within policy guidelines)
  • Ensure consumers can get the best possible data for their projects while keeping a clear audit trail of the process

Check out the details of this series and register for one, two, or all three episodes now:

Webinar 1 | Part 1: Create & Publish

Learn how:

  • Ensuring that governance extends to internal data requests
  • Publishing data to a centralized marketplace
  • Reviewing published data for consumption readiness
  • Rating and discussing data with internal data consumers

Webinar 2 | Part 2: Search & Shop


  • Browsing different data categories
  • Searching for the best data for a given use case
  • Requesting the creation of new data collections
  • Checking out and getting access to data

Webinar 3 | Part 3: Fulfill & Track

You will learn about:

  • Choosing the most appropriate delivery method for different data collections
  • Tracking access requests as they move toward fulfillment
  • Communicating with internal data consumers to ensure they receive the best data in a timely manner


Thomas Brence_75_95.jpg
Thomas Brence, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Informatica

Kate Amory, Data Governance Marketing Manager, Informatica