According to industry analysts, master data management (MDM) has become the hottest data management method for data and analytics. They also tell us that “What is master data management?” is commonly asked in their discussions.

In this Back to Basics series, Informatica experts will walk through the fundamentals of master data management, explain why it’s needed, and provide examples of the value MDM can deliver to organizations of all sizes:

  • The foundations for understanding Master Data Management
  • The essentials of managing essential reference data for improved productivity, sales, and customer service.
  • How to manage customer data for analytics that successfully drive superb customer experience
  • How a Customer Data Platform (CDP) drives more resonant customer experiences by adding necessary context to customer relationships
  • New technologies and methodologies for capturing, managing, and using master data to improve analytics and customer experience

Webinar 1: Back to Basics: Master Data Management 101
On Demand

“Back to Basics Episode 1: Mastering Your Data” lays the foundation for understanding MDM. You will learn:

  • A simple analogy for explaining MDM
  • The critical capability that ensures master data success
  • The initial steps in a successful MDM journey

Webinar 2: Back to Basics Series Episode 2: Reference Data is Master Data
On Demand

In “Back to Basics Episode 2: Reference Data is Master Data” you’ll learn more about how and why most enterprise applications use reference data to more effectively classify and categorize product, customer, and supplier information:

  • What reference data is and where it’s used
  • How to identify it
  • The value of managing reference data
  • Steps for planning and implementing a reference data management strategy

Webinar 3: Back to Basics Series Episode 3: Customer Data
On Demand

Join us for “Back to Basics Episode 3: Customer Data” to learn why your 360-degree customer view relies on your ability to apply master data management to customer data:

  • How to acquire customer data
  • The value of managing and safeguarding it
  • Getting buy-in to ensure success

Webinar 4: Back to Basics Series Episode 4: CDP 101
On Demand

“Back to Basics Episode 4: CDP 101” explains the value of a CDP in adding more context to your 360-degree customer view to drive more resonant customer experiences:

  • How MDM and CDP work together to help you manage data and uniquely identify customers across your organization
  • Different use cases and when they’re relevant
  • How to get started with a CDP to drive rich customer insights

Webinar 5: Back to Basics Series Episode 5: Trends in MDM
On Demand

“Back to Basics Episode 5: Trends in MDM” wraps up our review of MDM basics by looking at AI/ML, cloud, federated architectures, inter-enterprise sharing, global deployment, data platform solutions, and other modern MDM capabilities. We will cover:

  • AI/ML-powered MDM capabilities that increase productivity, simplicity, and scale
  • Emerging patterns of MDM
  • Best practices and pitfalls of cloud implementations

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Prash Chandramohan
Prash Chandramohan
Senior Director, Product Marketing

Monica Mullen
Monica Mullen
Principal Manager, Solutions Marketing

Glenn Riedel
Glenn Riedel
Solutions Architect, Customer 360 Insights