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Axon for Power Users

Instructor Led | Data Quality & Governance | 1 Day | Version 7.2

Axon for Power Users

Course Overview

This course is applicable to version 7.2. Learn how to perform Advanced Business Administration Tasks in Axon. Use the Admin Panel to customize the Axon instance with your organization's preferences.

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After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Perform Advanced tasks such as deleting and bulk updating objects.
  • Describe Axons Architecture.
  • Create Roles and assign Permissions
  • Configure Custom Fields and update Dropdowns
  • Build Default Workflows
  • Implement Mandatory Workflow Approval
  • Manage Locked Objects
  • Unlock Users
  • Configure Display Settings
  • Configure System and Application Settings
  • Configure Axon Data Marketplace

Target Audience

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Steward
  • End User



Module 01: Axon Advanced Tasks

  • Bulk Update Objects
  • Clone Datasets
  • Delete Objects
  • Lab: Bulk Update Objects
  • Lab: Cloning Datasets
  • Lab: Deleting Objects

Module 02: Axon Admin Panel - The Admin Dashboard

  • Axon Architecture and Services
  • The Admin Dashboard
  • Lab: Log into the Admin Panel and review the Admin Dashboard

Module 03: Axon Admin Panel - The DG Operating Model

  • Role Permissions
  • Default Workflows
  • Default Change Requests
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Role Assignment
  • Change Request Systems
  • Licensed Users
  • Periodic Review of Objects
  • Lab: Create Roles and Assign Permissions
  • Lab: Creating Default Workflows
  • Lab: Review Licensed Users
  • Lab: Change Requests and Default Workflows
  • Lab: Configure Mandatory Workflow Approval - Recap
  • Lab: Role Assignment
  • Lab: Period Review of Objects

Module 04: The Admin Panel – Meta Model Administration

  • Segmentation
  • Custom Fields
  • Drop down Configurations
  • Static Page Editor
  • Lab: Defining Segments and adding content
  • Lab: Custom fields
  • Lab: Dropdown Configuration
  • Lab: The Static Page Editor

Module 05: The Admin Panel – Operational Management

  • Data Onboarding Rules and EDC settings
  • Manage Locks
  • Locked Users
  • Download Logs
  • Lab: Define Data Onboarding Rules
  • Lab: Update Enterprise Data Catalog Settings
  • Lab: Manage locks
  • Lab: Locked Users
  • Lab: Review Logs

Module 06: The Admin Panel – Customize & Configure

  • Review and Configure Relevant System Settings
  • Review and Configure Relevant Application Settings
  • Locate and review Logs
  • Lab: Change the Logo
  • Lab: Configure System Settings
  • Lab: Migrate Axon Objects
  • Lab: Configure Application Settings

Module 07: Axon Data Marketplace

  • Axon Data Marketplace Settings
  • General Settings
  • Policy Administration
  • Delivery Settings
  • Custom Fields
  • Integration Settings
  • Defining Categories and Sub Categories
  • Publishing Data Collections
  • Lab: Configuring Data Marketplace General Settings
  • Lab: Configuring Data Marketplace Delivery Settings
  • Lab: Defining Categories and Publishing Data
  • Lab: Configuration Settings in Operation- Optional


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Instructor Led | Data Quality & Governance | 2 Day | Version 7.2

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