Virtual Executive Roundtable & Exclusive Virtual Tutored Cheese & Wine Tasting

Having an enterprise-wide master data strategy that delivers business value by delivering a trusted, unified view, of master data and insights across all business functions in an enterprise is an imperative for any organisation. It creates a trusted data foundation that will

  • Improve decision making with actionable insights
  • Increase visibility and brand responsiveness
  • Meet new business requirements and opportunities
  • Improve operational efficiency

Traditional Master Data Management (MDM) programs typically address silo departmental needs such as marketing use cases for the customer journey. However, they fail to leverage MDM as an enterprise resource in areas where multiple interactions exist.

Informatica offers cloud-native, multi-tenant MDM solutions, as well as hosted solutions to support strategic MDM requirements across multiple business areas including customer, product, and supplier management.

The implementation of an enterprise MDM platform that addresses the needs of all stakeholders and integrates with a host of source systems doesn’t have to be a long and complex undertaking for organisations looking to achieve quick wins or tactical solutions.

Join this virtual roundtable session where you will:

  • Learn how to develop an MDM strategy
  • Understand and determine the First-Value scope and high-level maturity of MDM
  • Learn how to gain cross functional buy-in-support within your organisation
  • Discover how to establish governance metrics to measure success
  • Learn about data governance best practices and implementation success stories
  • Receive an introduction to 360 and data governance solutions that enables a truly governed, collaborative enterprise-wide MDM program
Following the 60-minute roundtable, you're invited to join us for a Virtual Tutored Cheese & Wine Tasting hosted by Cheese at Leadenhall. Participants will be sent a Virtual Tasting Box containing six cheese, matched with one half bottle of Domaine Thibault Pouilly Fume, Cave de Tain Crozes-Hermitage and Champagne Gallimard, a tasting sheet & a pack of Peter's Yard biscuits.

We hope to see you there!

Date: Thursday, 17 March 2022
Time: 16:00 GMT
16:00 Virtual Executive Roundtable
17:00  Virtual Tutored Cheese & Wine Tastings
18:00 Close