The Value of Strategic Supplier Data Management

The Value of Strategic Supplier Data Management

An Aberdeen Group Report: Supply Chain & Procurement Survey Results

“Supply Chain Leaders are over 30% more likely to have an efficient supplier data management process to accelerate supplier onboarding.”

This is one of the survey results included in The Aberdeen Report “The Value of Strategic Supplier Data Management”, which is based on a recent survey among supply chain and sourcing practitioners and is filled with valuable data about what separates the Leaders from the Followers.

This report can help you evaluate your own supply chain management maturity and identify where you should prioritize your efforts in developing your supplier information management strategy.

It explains how to achieve Leader level performance in your sourcing and procurement organization through the use of improved supplier data management. Download this report to streamline your supply chain management and answer business critical questions like:

  • Which capabilities and technology do Leaders have in place to drive superior supply chain performance?
  • How do Leaders leverage supplier information management to streamline their supply chain processes?

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