How to Manage Explosive Data Growth

How to Manage Explosive Data Growth

A White Paper Exploring Database Management Solutions

How will your company address the 4300% increase in annual data generation predicted by 20201?

As data volumes rise, your database growth management strategy becomes more critical. And not just for application performance. Maintenance and test cycles also suffer from burgeoning data. But addressing it with hardware is akin to building an addition on your house because you ran out of room in the garage, basement, and attic.

The white paper,“Three Approaches to Managing Database Growth,” explores the pros and cons of these database management approaches:

  • Partitioning and compression
  • Archiving and tiering
  • Application retirement

Store and manage growing data intelligently to keep IT performance humming and ensure data is available when and where it’s needed. Download our white paper now to pinpoint the solution that best fits your requirements.


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