The Big, Big Data Workbook

The Big, Big Data Workbook

Big help for your first big data project

It’s clear. Today, big data is changing the way companies work. What hasn’t been clear is how companies should go about implementing big data projects.

Until now.

Our highly practical workbook is full of advice about big data that’ll help you keep your project on track. From setting clear goals to strategic resourcing and ideal big data architectures, we’ve covered everything you need to know about big data.

Read “The Big, Big Data Workbook” to gain insights into:

  • How to choose the right project and set up the right goals
  • How to build the right team and maximize productivity
  • What your data governance framework should look like
  • The architecture and processes you should aim to build

“The Big, Big Data Workbook” is a comprehensive guide about the practical aspects of big data and an absolute must-read if you’re attempting to bring greater insights to your enterprise.

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