Personalization in B2B Marketing Trends

Personalization in B2B Marketing Trends

Strategies and tactics for using data to improve customer experience

Most people expect their online interactions with companies and brands to be personalized, and as a result, personalization has emerged as a source of major competitive advantage for marketers.

In our lives as consumers, we’ve seen for ourselves the good, the bad, and the ugly of personalized marketing in action – so we know it can be done, and we’ve experienced how the very best do it.

But what are the most effective strategies used by savvy B2B marketers to personalize the customer experience?

“Personalization in B2B Marketing Trends” reports on the personalized marketing findings of the Data-Driven Marketing Survey, conducted by Informatica, in partnership with Ascend2.

Download the report to discover:

  • The difference between best-in-class personalization and below-par performance.
  • How much personalization is enough to make an impact.
  • How many marketers are struggling with data integration and enrichment.

With the competition just a click away, customers have more choice than ever – data-driven personalization is the key for B2B marketers to meet their demand generation goals and create a more engaging customer experience.

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