DaaS: Leadership Benchmark Report on Marketing Data Management

DaaS: Leadership Benchmark Report on Marketing Data Management

How Marketing Decision-Makers Are Using Data to Drive Value

Modern marketing is as much of a science as it is an art. And many successful marketing campaigns are driven by marketing leaders who have high-quality prospect and customer data at their fingertips. Marketing leaders are using great marketing data to help them make accurate and cost-efficient decisions.

Informatica partnered with Ascend2 to survey marketing decision makers, in roles ranging from marketing director to CMO. We’ve summarized the responses in a free report called “Leadership Benchmark Report on Marketing Data Management”. Whatever your industry, and whatever size your company, it’s essential reading if you want to improve the management of your marketing data.

Get the “Leadership Benchmark Report on Marketing Data Management” to discover:

  • The most important goals of a marketing data management strategy.
  • The most significant barriers to achieving those goals.
  • The most valuable benefits of basing decisions on marketing data.
  • The most effective uses of marketing data.

It’s no longer good enough to ‘spray and pray’ your marketing messages out there. To get the right message to the right person, you need accurate marketing data management. Get the report to find out more.

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