Getting Migrations Right

Getting Migrations Right

A data-centric view of application migrations

When organizations start down an application migration path without a clear view of their data, they run into some expensive dead ends. And since application migrations are constant and critical to the modern enterprise, the damage is frequent and incessant.

Whether your realize it or not, when you undertake an application migration, you’re also migrating your data. And without the data representing your customers, suppliers, employees, and products, your new application is hobbled.

Read “Getting Migrations Right” to find out what good migrations look like and how you can institutionalize them. In it, you’ll learn about:

  • The need to align your application objectives with your data objectives
  • The misconceptions about data that lead to expensive project delays
  • The seven crucial steps that make for a good data migration process

The data that flows through your applications is the lifeblood of your organization. For the new application to live up to its promise, it needs your data to be fit for purpose. Read this eBook to find out how you can make that possible.

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