Ensuring Your Success with Salesforce

Ensuring Your Success with Salesforce

7 Ways to Use Cloud Integration to Get the Most from Your Salesforce Data

A Best Practice Checklist

An EMA Product View

Like the majority of businesses, you rely on Salesforce to manage and leverage the ever-increasing amount of data generated by your daily customer interactions. But as your Salesforce footprint and use have grown, so too have the complexities of sharing and utilizing that data efficiently across your organization.

In this paper, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) reveals the 7 integration technologies and best practices required to effectively integrate and apply Salesforce data, and why Informatica Cloud is the only solution that incorporates them all.

In this paper, you’ll learn:

  • The leading causes of data complexity and the factors that leads to its growth over time.
  • Why a cloud integration solution is best suited to solve the hairball caused by the convergence of the cloud, mobile and big data analytics.
  • The seven technologies required for successful Salesforce integration now and into the future.

“Though the market swarms with cloud integration solutions, Informatica…offers the full breadth of the seven technologies needed for success with Salesforce in its Informatica Cloud Platform.”
     -- Enterprise Management Associates

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