Data Security Controls—Review and Use Cases

Data Security Controls—Review and Use Cases

A Use Case Review for Decision Makers and Practitioners

As data breaches continue to plague private and public organizations, security teams look to data security controls to prevent both outside intruders and malicious insiders from accessing sensitive, private, or mission critical data in the organization’s databases.

As with traditional cybersecurity controls (firewalls, VPNs, intrusion detection), data security controls come in various shapes and forms, including encryption, tokenization, masking, and archiving. Even seasoned security veterans can be confused about how to use each one most effectively, but each has a place in protecting valuable information assets.

They work best together in an integrated protection scheme that will thwart unauthorized access of data from both external and internal threats. Instead of taking a technology-centric approach, this paper explores use cases for these data-centric security controls in simple business terms.

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