Data Integration For Dummies

Data Integration For Dummies

Expert Advice On Simplifying Data Integration

Your business thrives on data—it drives everything from customer support to business strategy. The good news is that today, your business is flooded with an unprecedented number of data sources and types: legacy systems, sensors, log files, mobile devices—all of these sources generate data that can provide your business with a competitive advantage.

The bad news is that someone needs to make sense of this tsunami of data. Without drowning.

So, whether you need to explain data integration to the business (or your boss, kids, or parents) or you’re looking for an alternative to hand-coding data mappings, “Data Integration For Dummies” is for you. This eBook gives you the information you need to learn the basics fast and make smarter decisions.

Download your copy and get up to speed on:

  • The top 10 criteria to keep in mind when shopping for data integration tools
  • Data integration challenges that crop up in every implementation, and how to tackle them before they get out of control
  • Real-life examples of how data integration can help for sectors like government, retail, healthcare, and finance
  • How it's now possible to launch data integration on a small scale and grow on-premise and in the cloud, with virtually no hand-coding

Data Integration For Dummies” helps you make informed recommendations about data integration opportunities for your organization. Download your copy today.


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