Data-Centric Security

Data-Centric Security

New security imperatives for a new age of data – an eBook

The enterprise is in trouble.

The size and value of data has grown exponentially, and the data itself is moving farther than it’s ever traveled. But data’s destinations aren’t nearly secure enough to withstand the increasingly sophisticated attackers looking to steal from the enterprise.

Which means it’s time enterprise data security got an update. Read our new eBook to find out why current security architectures just can’t (and don’t) cut it any more and what it’s going to take to stay secure in the new age of data. It’s called ‘Data-Centric Security’ and it talks about:

  • The critical characteristics of data that current security paradigms overlook
  • What Data-Centric Security looks like
  • Three simple steps to start the shift
  • Why your data architect must now collude with your security architect

As data becomes mission critical – the challenge to secure it becomes more complicated than ever. Read ‘Data-Centric Security’ and find out what your organization needs to do to secure an enterprise that puts data first.

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