The Dark Data Imperative

The Dark Data Imperative

The Data Goldmine that’s Hiding in Plain Sight

Most organizations don’t know it, but they’re currently sitting on—and paying for—huge troves of enterprise data. Data about processes, resources, employees, and customers, all burning a hole in the bottom line, lying untapped because of silos and legacy data stores.

It’s called dark data and it represents most of your information, even though no one is actually using it to extract insight or advantage.

Read “The Dark Data Imperative” to find out how you can take advantage of this incredible informational oversight and change the way your company competes. You’ll learn:

  • Why so much data is dark
  • Eight steps to shine a light on your dark data
  • Why a managed data lake is crucial
  • How leading companies had measurable success by uncovering their dark data

It’s a comprehensive look at some of the most common but wasteful practices in enterprises today and it’s full of practical advice about eliminating inefficiency and uncovering insight.

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