Customer Data Strategies For Dummies

Customer Data Strategies For Dummies

The Definitive Guide to Managing Customer Data as a Strategic Asset

Building meaningful customer relationships requires a series of great customer experiences, online and offline. To create those experiences, marketers need to understand who their customers are, what products they own, and what their preferences are. Unfortunately, they often can't access the right data when they need it.

Great customer experiences start with great data, and great data doesn't happen by accident. "Customer Data Strategies For Dummies" will teach you how to manage your customer data as the strategic asset it is.

Download your free copy to learn:

  • The role of great data in the customer experience
  • Common customer data strategy missteps and how to avoid them
  • How to build a next-generation customer 360 view
  • What successful marketers know about data management

Now more than ever, customer experience is a competitive differentiator. More than a technology guide, this book jumpstarts successful strategic data management to ensure your marketing efforts create the right offers at the right time for the right customers.

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