Contact Data Verification Strategies for Marketing and Sales

Contact Data Verification Strategies for Marketing and Sales

How the best build effective contact data verification strategies

Accurate contact data is vital to communicating effectively with customers and giving them the best possible experience.

It also directly affects the bottom line, with 92 percent of marketing and sales influencers surveyed by Ascend2 saying valid data is “very important” for their success.

This benchmark report will help you to develop an effective strategy for verifying your contact data, so you can be sure that every part of the record is valid, accurate, and safe to use.

Download the “Contact Data Verification Strategies for Marketing and Sales” research report to discover:

  • The best methods for verifying contact data and the best time to do so
  • How bad contact data damages businesses
  • The channels that collect the most accurate contact data
  • Why real-time contact data verification isn’t an enterprise-only capability – solutions are available for businesses of any size

Databases age quickly as people move houses, switch jobs, or change their phone numbers. Read the report and learn how to avoid having your marketing and sales programs become less effective due to outdated data.

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