Big Data Management For Dummies

Big Data Management For Dummies

The Definitive Guide to Managing Big Data

Big data transforms the way businesses innovate and improve their operational processes. Early adopters are using big data to leapfrog the competition. However, most companies struggle to make big data projects pay off. The problem, quite often, is in diving into individual projects without an overall vision.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro with big data projects, or kicking off a proof of concept, “Big Data Management For Dummies” will guide you on how to apply the foundational principles of big data integration, big data governance, and big data security to critical big data projects.

Download your complimentary copy to find:

  • Real-world business experiences of big data management
  • Common big data project pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Who you need on your big data team
  • Ten do’s and don’ts of managing big data

Data insights drive competitiveness and fend off—or create—digital disruption. More than a technology guide, this book is a survival manual for anyone involved in big data initiatives.

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