Give Sales What CRM Promised, But Never Delivered

Give Sales What CRM Promised, But Never Delivered

Boost Sales Productivity with the Total Customer Relationship View within Salesforce

CRM never delivered what it promised – one application for sales to get all the high quality customer information they need to be more productive.

Sales reps can’t always trust the customer data in Salesforce. They have to go into other applications to get key information about their accounts and store it in spreadsheets.

Watch this Total Customer Relationship View in Salesforce Demo to find out how Informatica provides high quality customer data within salesforce and a view of the total customer relationship across functions, product lines, and regions. Give your sales team:

  1. High quality customer account and contact information
  2. Regional views of account hierarchies
  3. Open and closed orders
  4. Open and closed customer support requests
  5. Marketing activities by contact

Give your sales team what CRM promised, but never delivered – high quality customer data and access to the total customer relationship view across functions, product lines and regions within Salesforce.

Thank you for your interest in Informatica.