The SiriusDecisions Data Management Proficiency Assessment Model

The SiriusDecisions Data Management Proficiency Assessment Model

A SiriusDecisions Assessment

As data management becomes increasingly important to marketing activities, marketing operations must assess the organization’s data management proficiency, diagnose gaps and prioritize improvements.

This SiriusDecisions assessment dives into five components of data management and provides a model to guide marketing operations to evaluate and improve data management competencies.

What you’ll learn:

  • Data management has become a critical supporting process for marketing activities
  • The five key components marketing operations should use to gauge its current data management capabilities and create a path for improvement
  • The current state of your data management processes, interlock, skills, measurement and corporate culture

It’s time to rethink how you manage, share and validate your customer data so you can successfully deliver on your customer-centric strategies. By reviewing this SiriusDecisions Assessment Model, you can evaluate where you should prioritize your efforts in developing your data management strategy.

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