Date: Wednesday 9 February 2022
Time: 09:30am - 11:30am GMT
Location: Microsoft teams

In this new and challenging world, many organisations have had to rapidly adapt the way they connect with customers to find new ways to deliver personalised and targeted goods and services. For many, this has changed customer experiences in a positive way, resulting in new revenue streams that were unimagined a few months ago.

This commercial opportunity comes with increased public scrutiny and regulatory enforcement designed to control and safeguard how this influx of sensitive data is handled, stored, and used. To get this right, effective data governance and privacy measures—an integrated governance and privacy solution underpinned by the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning—must sit at the heart of your data management strategy.

Join this workshop to hear about a new generation of intelligent data privacy capabilities, including how to:

  • Define and manage governance policies
  • Discover, catalog, and classify sensitive data at scale
  • Map subject data to build out a subject registry for GDPR
  • Analyse risk and build a data protection plan
  • Effectively apply data masking to protect both production and non-production data



Levent Ergin
Data Governance & Privacy & Domain Expert


Emmanuel Richard
EMEA Data Privacy Product specialist