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Application modernization, the process of taking existing legacy applications and corresponding data and modernizing their infrastructure, architecture, and/or features, is an $11 billion market expected to grow to about $25 billion by 2025. Application modernization is typically focused on monolithic, on-premises applications and how those applications can be brought into modern, cloud-native architecture.

The benefits of application modernization include speed of new feature delivery, exposing the functionality of existing applications to be consumed via APIs, and re-platforming applications from on-premises to cloud for the purpose of cost reduction, achieving scale, and reaping the benefits of new development tools. A cloud native Integration platform is critical for successful application modernization.

Target Audience across customers and partners in these roles/equivalent titles:

  • Application Integration, Application Modernization (Sales Managers and Client Reps)
  • Technical Managers for Application Development (Project Managers, Project Leads)
  • Application Development Teams (Application Developer, Application Architect)
  • Enterprise Application Owners (Director, VP)
  • Center of Excellence Owners/Influencers
  • Software Engineer, Software Architect
  • Middleware/Integration Developers
  • Cloud Engineers
Certification: After passing the two session quizzes (with a score of at least 80%) participants will receive “Cloud Integration for Application Modernization (Foundation Level)” certification.

Session 1: Market Trends, Architecture, Design Patterns
Cloud Modernization: Cloud Data Warehouse & Cloud Data Lake

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In session 1, we’ll examine the market trends and architectural considerations, such as rehosting vs. refactoring parts of applications into microservices-based, loosely coupled architecture, exposing functionality via APIs, containerization and more.

Simon McVeigh, VP Presales Product Specialists, Informatica
Richard Ganley, SVP, Global Partners, Informatica
Michael Hammond, Director, Cloud Platform Specialists, Informatica

Session 2: API Integration, Event-Driven Integration, Process Automation
Cloud Integration for Modern Applications

Available On Demand

In session 2, we build on this knowledge and examine how a comprehensive, AI-driven iPaaS (Integration Platform as-a Service) is essential to help take full advantage of your modern application footprint. 85% of firms consider API-based integration fundamental to business strategy. We will showcase how you can develop APIs in minutes with zero code. 73% of firms are expecting operating costs to improve through automation. We will show you how to create business processes that span multiple modern and on-premises applications across your entire environment. We will also delve into event-driven integration, which is critical for real-time businesses.

Richard Ganley, SVP, Global Partners, Informatica
Casey Clayton, Cloud Product Specialist, Informatica
Louis Polycarpou, Director of Presales, Informatica
Trent Fields, Cloud Product Specialist, Informatica