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Axon for Business Users

onDemand | Cloud | Self-Paced | Version 5.0

Axon for Business Users

Course Overview

This course is the equivalent to our live training titled Axon Content Creation.  Applicable for users of software version 5.x. Learn to use Axon inventories to define, document, and explore key organizational business structures. Through manual creation and bulk upload of content, learn how to define business glossaries, maintain systems, datasets, and attribute information, as well as, leverage insight maps to visualize and expose impacts, dependencies, duplication, and fragmentation.



After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Discuss data governance initiatives.
  • Identify where and how Axon can be used in their company’s data governance initiative.
  • Navigate the Axon user interface.
  • Identify and describe key inventories that are required in projects.
  • Perform searches across multiple inventories.
  • Review, search and investigate a pre-populated Axon instance.
  • Discuss the use of permissions in Axon.
  • Manually create objects in Axon.
  • Perform bulk upload of objects using the preconfigured Templates available.
  • Edit objects, including defining descriptions, stakeholders and impact.
  • Define system and data lineage.
  • Find and use Axon maps.
  • Define projects, policies and processes.
  • Design and create custom workflows.
  • Raise and follow through on change requests.
  • Use Axon from a project perspective.
  • Use Axon to display Data Quality Scores across key enterprise elements.

Target Audience

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Stewards
  • End Users


  • None


Module 1: Introduction to Data Governance and Informatica Axon

  • Data Governance overview
  • Data Governance regulations
  • Introduction to Informatica Axon
  • Company Data Governance initiatives

Module 2: Navigating Informatica Axon

  • Anonymous search
  • Quick and Unison searches
  • Inventories
  • Search, Maps, Dashboard, My Items, Create, Quick Search, Notifications, User Information and Help menus
  • Axon grid

Module 3: Populating Axon

  • User permissions and effects
  • Object order definition
  • Manual creation of objects
  • Bulk upload templates
  • Hierarchical lists 
  • Object editing (description/ stakeholders/impact)

Module 4: Axon Glossary

  • Glossary overview
  • Glossary definition best practices 
  • Manual creation of glossary items
  • Bulk upload creation of glossary items

Module 5: Interface & Lineage

  • Lineage Overview
  • System and data lineage
  • System interfaces
  • Manual definition of system interfaces
  • Attribute linking
  • Manually linking attributes
  • Bulk upload for attribute lineage
  • Unison search
  • Object association

Module 6: Insight and Local Maps

  • Axon maps 
  • Insight and local maps
  • Map scoping
  • Map palette
  • Map overlays

Module 7: Policy

  • Policy overview
  • Manual creation of policies
  • Bulk upload of policies
  • Creating child/sub policies
  • Policy search

Module 8: Process

  • Process overview
  • Manual creation of processes
  • Bulk upload of processes
  • Process components functionality
  • Process maps
  • Process search

Module 9: Workflows and Change Requests

  • Custom and default workflows
  • Workflow creation
  • Change requests
  • Active workflows and workflow notifications

Module 10: Projects

  • Project overview
  • Recording projects 
  • Project connections
  • Relating projects and project dependencies
  • Lineage view assessments
  • Assess project impact

Module 11: Data Quality

  • Data Quality overview
  • Local and standard Data Quality rules 
  • Sourcing DQ information
  • Manual local DQ rule creation 
  • Bulk upload of local rules
  • Enriching DQ rules 
  • Dashboards, maps and unison search
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onDemand | Data Quality | Self-Paced | Version 5.0

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