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What's New in Data Engineering Integration 10.4.0

E-Learning | Data Engineering | Self-paced | Version 10.4.0

What's New in Data Engineering Integration 10.4.0

Course Overview

This course is applicable to software version 10.4.0. Learn Data Engineering Integration 10.4.0 new features such as CLAIRE Recommendation and Insights, Active Python transformation, JDBC V2 adapter, and Log aggregator. Also learn Databricks integration, Htype enhancements, Developer Tool objects, Spark engine, and Intelligent Structure Discovery in DEI 10.4.0.

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After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Implement CLAIRE Recommendation and Insights in mappings
  • Use Active Python transformation in mappings
  • Use Log aggregator for troubleshooting
  • Integrate with Databrick
  • Parse Hierarchical Data on the Spark Engine
  • Setup JDBC V2 Adapter
  • Connect to Deployed applications in the Developer tool
  • Bind mapping outputs to mapping parameters
  • Run profiling and sampling on the Spark Engine
  • Discuss Intelligent Structure Discovery

Target Audience

  • Developer



Module 1: DEI 10.4.0 Overview

  • Enhancements and new features in DEI 10.4.
  • Impact of DEI 10.4 new features on various personas

Module 2: CLAIRE Recommendations

  • CLAIRE recommendations overview
  • Single-Object recommendation
  • Insights (Cross-Object recommendation) 

Module 3: Python Transformation

  • Python transformation prior to 10.4.0
  • Changes to the python transformation in 10.4.0
  • Active Python transformation behavior

Module 4: Log Aggregator

  • Logging enhancements
  • Log Packer requirement
  • Log Packer scope
  • Infacmd command
  • Log Packer directory structure
  • Log Packer design
  • Log Packer execution flo

Module 5: Databricks

  • Databricks Delta Lake overview
  • Create Databricks cluster and use Notebooks
  • Create DELTA tables, add data, and query data
  • Create CCO and JDBC connection in the domain
  • Create Relational Data Object in DxT
  • Create and run mappings
  • AWS Auto-deploy

Module 6: Hierarchical Data Processing Enhancement

  • Enhancements in HType in DEI 10.4.0
  • Design of HType processing
  • Implementation considerations

Module 7: JDBC V2 Adapter

  • JDBC V2 Adapter overview
  • JDBC V2 Adapter
  • Sqoop vs JDBC V2

Module 8: Developer Tool Enhancement

  • Relational Import: Conflict resolution
  • Relational Import: Deleted table
  • View run-time objects
  • Incremental deployment
  • Mapping Run Context

Module 9: Spark Enhancement

  • Data Preview with Spark

Module 10: Intelligent Structure Discovery

  • Intelligent Structure Discovery overview
  • Changes to Intelligent Structure Discovery in10.4.0
  • Support for Avro, Parquet, and ORC.
  • Unassigned port enhancements
  • Setting Record ID
  • Multi-sample model enrichment
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E-Learning | Data Engineering | Self-paced | Version 10.4.0

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