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PowerExchange for Oracle CDC

Instructor Led | PowerExchange | 8 Hours (60% lecture, 40% hands on lab)

PowerExchange for Oracle CDC

Course Overview

On the delivery side, PowerExchange has the ability to deliver data On Demand. PowerExchange can deliver the data in batch mode, or in Change Data Capture mode. Within CDC mode, the changes can be delivered in Real Time or at intervals. This 8-hour, instructor-led class delivered via the Informatica Virtual Academy, introduces PowerExchange for Oracle Real-Time Change Data Capture (CDC) using the PowerExchange Client for PowerCenter.

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After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Use the PowerExchange for Oracle CDC option with PowerCenter to perform Oracle change data capture (CDC)

Target Audience

  • Developer


  • Solid knowledge of PowerCenter


1. Overview and Configuration

  • Describe the PowerExchange Oracle RT CDC Architecture
  • Describe the characteristics of Oracle's Logminer Application
  • Describe the Pre-requisites for using PWX Oracle CDC
  • Register an Oracle Source for CDC using PWX

2. Integrating PowerExchange with PowerCenter

  • Create PowerCenter mappings and workflows using PowerExchange Client for PowerCenter (PWXPC) to connect to PowerExchange
  • Describe session restart/recovery features with PWXPC

3. PowerExchange Field Sensitive Capture

  • Describe the concept of Field Sensitive Change Capture
  • Identify the difference between CI (Change Indicator) and BI (Before Image)
  • Filter unwanted change records from your extraction

4. Tips and Tricks

  • Utilize a Flexible Key Transformation to properly update changed target keys
  • Identify performance enhancement opportunities in the PWX Oracle CDC environment
  • Describe Best Practices for using PWX Oracle CDC

5. Administration

  • Explain the importance of understanding Capture vs Consume
  • Describe the Administration Set Up tasks for PWX Oracle
  • CDC
  • Configure the Oracapt.sql, dbmover.cfg, and the dtlca.cfg (if necessary) for your environment
  • Discuss Performance and Configuration Consideration

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Instructor Led | PowerExchange | 1 Day

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