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The Informatica Marketplace is an open ecosystem – anyone is welcome. Whether you’re a System Integrator, Product Company, ISV, Consultant, or Independent Developer you gain access to everything you need in order to promote and sell your data integration solution.

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Showcasing the Very Best

The Informatica Marketplace is the go-to destination where proven data integration, data quality, and data management solutions are bought and sold. We feature a wide range of solutions, including...

  • Mapplets and mappings
  • Reference dictionaries
  • Content libraries
  • Cloud offerings
  • Data models
  • Connectors
  • Services offerings
  • Vertical industry-specific solutions
  • Utilities

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The Informatica Marketplace can help you extend your sales and marketing reach with minimal investment and low risk. By posting your app or service on the Informatica Marketplace, you gain exposure to Informatica’s large customer base and benefit from Informatica’s Marketing efforts.

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How it Works

All you have to do is fill out the submission form to get registered as a seller.

The Marketplace team will work with you to get your app or service posted on the Informatica Marketplace.