MDM: Supplier 360

Instructor Led | MDM | 2 Days | Version 10.4

Course Overview

Explore the skills required to automate supplier applications and profile maintenance with the Supplier Portal. You will learn how to streamline the supplier onboarding and approval processes, centralize data about suppliers in a master database, and analyze suppliers based on their locations, products, services, and invoices. In addition to that, you will learn how to communicate with suppliers and manage relationships with them. This course is applicable to version 10.4.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe Supplier 360 User Interface
  • Create supplier profiles on the Supplier Portal
  • Create and manage supplier records in the database
  • Find supplier records using the search box or use a query
  • Describe alerts to communicate with suppliers
  • Perform approval process for suppliers
  • Perform sorting and filtering Task Inbox
  • Identify how the supplier records are related to one another
  • Import bulk data and relationships from an Excel or a CSV source file into Data Director

Target Audience

  • Business User


  • None
Module 1: Supplier 360 Application Overview
  • Introduction to MDM - Supplier 360
  • Supplier 360 Components
  • Supplier 360 User Interface
  • Lab: Supplier 360 Dashboard View
Module 2: Creating Supplier Profiles on the Supplier Portal
  • Supplier Portal Overview
  • Supplier Portal Registration
  • Supplier Portal Online Application
  • Adding Product-Related Questions
  • Supplier Profile
  • Supplier Profile Edit Privileges
  • Product 360 Integration
  • Lab: Adding Products and Product-Related Questions
  • Lab: Creating a Supplier Profile on Supplier Portal
Module 3: Adding Records
  • Suppliers Applying on the Supplier Portal
  • Business Managers Adding Supplier Records
  • Daas Validation
  • Supplier Profiles Generated from Source Systems
  • Lab: Adding Supplier Records
Module 4: Finding Records
  • Using the Search Box to Find Records
  • Filtering Records
  • Viewing and Opening a Record
  • Using Queries to Find Records
  • Managing Queries
  • Filtering Child Records
  • Lab: Finding Records Using Search Box
  • Lab: Finding Records Using Queries
  • Lab: Managing Queries
  • Lab: Filtering Child Records
Module 5: Managing Records
  • Editing a Single Record
  • Deleting a Single Record
  • Editing Multiple Records
  • Managing Related Records
  • Deleting Related Record
  • Deleting Related Record
  • Lab: Editing and Deleting a Single Record
  • Lab: Editing Multiple Records
  • Lab: Adding Related Records
Module 6: Communicating with Suppliers
  • Contact Information of Suppliers
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Creating a Supplier Alert

Module 7: Reviewing Supplier
  • Review a supplier
  • Supplier Record Approval Process
  • Review a Single and Multiple Supplier Using Task Manager
  • Tasks and Task Inbox
  • Configuring Columns for the Task Inbox
  • Task Manager
  • Potential Owners
  • Potential Task Actions
  • Sorting and Filtering Tasks
  • Claiming a Task
  • Resolving a Task
  • Organizing Work on Tasks
  • Lab: Sort and Filter List of Task
  • Lab: Edit Available Columns in the Task Manager
  • Lab: Approval Process for a Supplier
Module 8: Investigating Relationships
  • Relationships
  • Hierarchy Relationships
  • Network Relationships
  • Managing Hierarchy Relationship
  • Managing Network Relationships
  • Lab: Managing Hierarchy relationship
  • LAB: Managing Network Relationship
  • Lab: Editing Multiple Network Relationships
Module 9: Importing Bulk Data
  • Import Bulk Records
  • Import Bulk Relationships
  • Update Records
  • Field Mapping
  • Preview Records
  • Trigger the New File Import Review Process
  • File Import Summary Report
  • Match New Records with Existing records
  • Match Rule Set
  • Match Results
  • Lab: Import Business Entities and Relationships
  • Lab: Perform an Ad Hoc Match

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