MDM Product 360: Media Manager

onDemand | Master Data Management | Self-Paced

Course Overview

This course focuses on the maintenance of images, pipelines, Data Quality workflows, derivative workflows, external preview generation, setting access levels, and the Media Manager integration with Product 360 (formerly PIM) in detail. Through a series of demonstrations and hands on practice labs, learn to configure various workflows, previews, pipelines, and access levels.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the basics of color management 
  • Discuss ICC-Profiles and list their benefits
  • Discuss image transparencies
  • List the difference between pixel- and vector graphics
  • Classify the measurements LPI, DPI and PPI
  • Work with the pipeline application
  • Configure the states and property fields for each workflow
  • Work with the Workflow Module
  • Define your own Data Quality workflow
  • Define derivatives in workflow
  • Design a derivative workflow
  • Configure an external preview
  • Define special previews
  • Discuss working with access levels
  • Configure the integration of Media Manager to PIM
  • Configure Message Queue workflows
  • Configure Message Queue
  • Discuss the different Auto-Assignment modes 

Target Audience

  • End-users
  • Media asset managers


Module 1: Images & Color Management 
  • Basics of Color Management 
  • ICC-Profiles 
  • Image Transparency
  • Pixel Images versus Vector Graphics
  • Image Types
  • LPI, DPI, & PPI
Module 2: Pipeline 
  • Working with the Pipeline Module 
  • Defining a Pipeline 
  • Verifying a Pipeline 
Module 3: Data Quality Workflow 
  • Preparing the states and property fields for each workflow
  • Working with the Workflow Module 
  • Defining Data Quality Workflow

Module 4: Derivatives Workflow
  • Derivatives in Workflow Module 
  • Designing a Derivatives Workflow 
Module 5: External Preview Generation 
  • Using the External Preview Generation 
  • Configuring the External Preview Generation 
  • Defining special Previews
Module 6: Access Levels 
  • Working with Access Levels 
  • Defining Access Levels 
  • Setting Access Levels for Assets and Groups
Module 7: PIM MAM Integration  
  • Configuring an integration 
  • Message Queue Workflows 
  • Message Queue
  • Differing Auto-Assignment Modes 

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