MDM Client Application Design

onDemand | Master Data Management | Self-Paced | Version 10.4

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MDM Client Application Design

Course Overview

Explore the skills required to configure a data director application through the provisioning tool. In addition to defining the core business entity components, you will learn to configure customized user interface components and role-based access to the entities. This course is applicable to version 10.4.

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After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Describe MDM Tool spectrum
  • Create business and reference entities
  • Configure relationships between entities
  • Define standard and extended search queries
  • Perform file import and export
  • Define and manage hierarchies and networks
  • Perform file import and export
  • Define role-based access to business entities
  • Configure custom user interfaces specific to business entities
  • Manage and create master data through the data director application
  • Enrich, cleanse, and standardize data
  • Merge duplicate business entities
  • Deploy ElasticSearch
  • Manage master data as a team through the BPM workflows
  • Customize the Customer 360 data model

Target Audience

  • Developer


  • MDM: Multidomain Edition Configuration (onDemand)



Module 1: Introduction to Entity 360

  • Master Data Overview
  • MDM tool spectrum and user matrix
  • Provisioning tool and business entities
  • Navigate the MDM Data Director user interface
  • Define standard and extended search queries
  • ActiveVos BPM integration and workflows
  • Perform file import and export search results
  • Describe business entity layouts and purposes
  • Describe charts
  • Perform a controlled mass update
  • Navigate hierarchies and networks
  • Perform an adhoc match
  • Lab: Add records through a multi-level approval workflow
  • Lab: Two-step workflow
  • Lab: Basic and Extended queries
  • Lab: Navigate hierarchies and networks
  • Lab: Import and export data
  • Lab: Perform an adhoc match

Module 2: Configure Entity 360 

  • MDM data director architecture
  • MDM integration options
  • Components of data director
  • Define data director application
  • Define reference and business entities
  • Configure business entity views, relationships,
  • Configure hierarchies and networks
  • Lab: Create Application
  • Lab: Configure Reference Entities
  • Lab: Configure Business Entities and Relationships
  • Lab: Configure Business Entity Views
  • Lab: Configure relationships
  • Lab: Define hierarchies and networks

Module 3: Role-based user interface

  • Configure role specific entity layouts and home pages
  • Define task manager and similar record views
  • Define secondary and external components
  • Lab: Customize E360 External Components
  • Lab: Customize E360 entity layouts
  • Lab: Customize E360 home pages

Module 4: Data Cleansing

  • Cleansing components
  • External cleansing capabilities
  • Cleansing business entities
  • Define cleansing components
  • Lab: Enrich the person business entity
  • Lab: Enrich address through Address Doctor

Module 5: ElasticSearch

  • Smart Search Configuration
  • Configure ElasticSearch
  • Define custom views for search results
  • Lab: Configure ElasticSearch
  • Lab: Node and field filters

Module 6: Configure Workflows

  • Workflow components
  • ActiveVOS as a Workflow Engine
  • User roles and privileges specific to tasks
  • Manage documents with tasks
  • Define views specific to merge and unmerge
  • Add new records through a multi-level workflow
  • Perform Merge and unmerge through workflow
  • Task Administrator role
  • Lab: Custom Merge Layout
  • Lab: Two-step Merge Approval
  • Lab: Custom Unmerge Layout
  • Lab: Two-step Unmerge Approval

Module 7: Customize customer 360 application

  • MDM Applications
  • Customize the data model
  • Define custom business entities and views
  • Enrich address in the Customer 360
  • Configure role specific layouts
  • Lab: Extend the Customer 360 data model

Module 8: Localization and Troubleshooting

  • Localization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Best practices
  • Common issues and workarounds
  • Backup and restore



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onDemand | Master Data Management | Self-Paced | Version 10.4

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