Informatica Developer Tool

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onDemand | Data Engineering | Self-Paced | Version 10.5

Course Overview

Learn the mechanics of Data Integration using the Informatica Developer tool for Big Data Development. This course takes you through the key components to develop, configure, and deploy data integration mappings while gaining knowledge on exporting and importing objects in the Developer tool. This course is applicable to software version 10.5.


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Extract data from relation and flat file sources
  • Develop commonly used transformations for mappings
  • Develop logical data object models
  • Automate metadata changes through dynamic mappings
  • Parameterize mappings
  • Assemble mappings into workflows
  • Deploy mappings and workflows as applications
  • Deploy patches to an application
  • Perform export and import of objects
  • Export and Import objects

Target Audience

  • Developer


  • None
Module 1: Fundamentals
  • Introduction to the Developer Tool
  • Brief Overview of Big Data Management Architecture
  • Reviewing the Developer interface
  • Lab: Configuring the Informatica Developer Tool
Module 2: Physical Data Objects
  • Introduction to the types of physical data objects
  • Using relational connections
  • Using flat file connections
  • Synchronize a flat file data object
  • Lab: Working with Connections
  • Lab: Creating Physical Data Objects
Module 3: Viewing Data
  • Introduction to data views
  • Troubleshooting configurations
  • Reviewing logs
  • Monitoring activities
  • Lab: Viewing Data on a Physical Data Object
Module 4: Mappings and Transformations
  • Mapping and transformation concepts
  • Core transformations
  • Developing and validating a mapping
  • Using transformations in a mapping
  • Persistence mapping
  • Lab: Developing a Mapping Using IDT Transformations
  • Lab: Creating a Mapping Output
  • Lab: Creating a Binding Mapping Output
Module 5: Logical Data Objects
  • Introduction to Logical Data Objects
  • Create Logical Data Objects
  • Discuss Logical Data Objects Mappings
  • Introduction to Logical Data Object Models
  • Create Logical Data Object Models
  • Lab: Creating Logical Data Objects
  • Lab: Creating a Mapping using LDO
Module 6: Dynamic Mappings
  • Introduction to dynamic mapping concepts
  • Developing and running a dynamic mapping
  • Reviewing a mapping template
  • Lab: Developing a Dynamic Mapping
Module 7: Deploying Applications
  • Deploying Applications for Users
  • Create, deploy, and run an application
  • Lab: Deploying Applications
Module 8: Application Patch Deployment
  • Application Patch Deployment Overview
  • Incremental Deployment
  • Patch Types
  • Deploy an Application Patch
  • Patch Deployment Rules and Guidelines
  • Lab: Deploying an Application Path
Module 9: Parameters
  • Using Parameters
  • Types of Parameters
  • Parameter file and Parameter set
  • Run mappings with parameter file and parameter set
  • Lab: Creating a Mapping with Parameter File
  • Lab: Running a Mapping with Parameter Set
  • Lab: Using Parameters in a Dynamic Mapping
Module 10: Workflows
  • Working with Workflows
  • Create a workflow
  • Configure a workflow
  • Add a conditional sequence flow
  • Lab: Creating a Workflow
Module 11: Export and Import of Objects
  • Object Export and Import Overview
  • Exporting Objects
  • Importing Objects
  • Lab: Performing Export and Import of Objects

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