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Enterprise Data Lake for Analysts

Instructor Led | EDL | 2 Days | v10.2.1

Enterprise Data Lake for Analysts

Course Overview

This course is applicable for software version 10.2.1. Gain the required knowledge and skills to transform, cleanse, and enrich data in the data lake using an Excel-like spreadsheet interface in a self-service manner. Using Informatica Enterprise Data Lake, publish and share knowledge with the rest of the community to analyze the data using third-party BI or analytic tools.



After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Search the catalog for data that resides in and outside the data lake
  • Discover the lineage and relationships between data that resides in different enterprise systems
  • Create and add data assets to the project
  • Explore data in the worksheets
  • Apply the data preparation steps to combine, cleanse, transform, and sample the data
  • Publish the prepared data to the data lake
  • Schedule and monitor publication
  • Share the published data with other collaborators
  • Analyze the data using third-party BI or analytic tools.

Target Audience

  • Business User
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Steward


  • None


Module 01: Overview of Enterprise Data Lake

  • Major business challenges
  • Enterprise Data Lake
  • Key functionalities
  • Advantages of Enterprise Data Lake
  • Key questions
  • Data discovery and analysis process
  • Enterprise Data Lake key feature
  • Enterprise Data Lake architecture – high level
  • Concepts of Enterprise Data Lake
  • Analyst tasks

Module 02: Discover Data

  • Explore home page
  • Search results and asset view
  • Data preview
  • Lineage and impact view
  • Explore the relationship between data assets
  • Search and view the JSON file
  • Lab1: Understand home page and view assets
  • Lab2: View relationships
  • Lab3: Search and explore JSON files

Module 3: Work with Data Assets

  • Import, upload and download a data asset
  • Copy and delete data assets
  • Understand project details and my project
  • Lab1: Import, upload and download a data asset
  • Lab2: Copy and delete data assets
  • Lab3: Understand project details and my project

Module 4: Prepare Data

  • Data preparation steps
  • Data sampling overview
  • Explore worksheets
  • Blend data using join, union, and lookup functions
  • Using formula
  • Transformation of data
  • Summarize data
  • Lab1: Sampling data and filtering
  • Lab2: Explore data in the worksheets
  • Lab3: Blend data in the worksheets
  • Lab4: Categorize column data
  • Lab5: Using the formula
  • Lab6: Transformation of data
  • Lab7: Pivot data
  • Lab8: Aggregate data

Module 5: Publish Data

  • Data publication overview
  • Scheduling and monitoring overview
  • Lab1: Explore prepared worksheets
  • Lab2: Publish worksheet
  • Lab3: Monitor and schedule publication

Module 6: Data Validation and Assessment

  • Data visualization overview
  • Prerequisites overview
  • Create and share a notebook
  • Lab1: Create an Apache Zeppelin Notebook for validation


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Instructor Led | EDL | 2 Days | v10.2.1

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