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Enterprise Data Catalog: Data Discovery and Lineage Analysis

onDemand | Big Data | Self-Paced | Version 10.2

Enterprise Data Catalog: Data Discovery and Lineage Analysis

Course Overview

This course is applicable for software version 10.2. Gain the skills necessary to use Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) to discover and explore datasets. Using EDC, learn to perform semantic search, customize searches, analyze data lineage and impact, associate assets with existing business terms from the Business Glossary, and add custom attributes to assets.

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After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Perform semantic search
  • Customize search
  • Configure search filters
  • View asset details
  • View data lineage and impact details
  • View transformation logic for an asset
  • View relationship between assets
  • Associate business terms with assets
  • Associate custom attributes with assets

Target Audience

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Steward
  • Business User


  • None


Module 1: Overview of Enterprise Data Catalog

  • Major Business Challenges
  • Scale of Challenges
  • EDC as a Solution
  • What is Enterprise Data Catalog?
  • EDC Metadata Lifecycle
  • EDC Architecture
  • EDC Key Features

Module 2: Exploring the Enterprise Data Catalog User Interface

  • EDC User Interface
  • Conventional Search vs. Semantic Search
  • Why do we need Semantic Search? 
  • What is Semantic Search in EDC? 
  • Searching in EDC
  • Available Search Options in EDC
  • Explore Search Results
  • Search Filters
  • View Asset Details
  • View Data Lineage
  • View Relationships
  • Why do we need Profiling? 
  • What is Data Profiling in EDC?
  • Data Similarity
  • Data Similarity - Advantages
  • Column Data Similarity
  • Value Frequency
  • Patterns and Inferred Data Types

Module 3: Customizing Search and Views

  • Why do you Need to Configure Search Filters?
  • Application Configuration
  • Types of Assets
  • Configuring Asset Types
  • System Attributes
  • Configuring System Attributes
  • Custom Attributes
  • Custom Attributes Help in Data Classification
  • Configuring Custom Attributes

Module 4: Data Domains and Curation

  • What is a Data Domain?
  • Why do we Need Data Domains?
  • Data Domain Discovery - Customer Story
  • How are Data Domains Created?
  • Data Domain Groups
  • Assigning Data Domains in EDC
  • Creating Data Domains in EDC
  • What are Composite Data Domains?
  • What is Curation?
  • Curating Data Domains
  • Accepting or Rejecting Inferred Data Domains
  • Data Domain Curation
  • Propagating Curated Data Domains

Module 5: Annotating Data Assets

  • What are Business Terms?
  • What can you Associate Business Terms With?
  • How do you Associate a Business Term?
  • Viewing the Associated Business Term
  • View Business Term Details
  • View Business Term Details in Informatica Analyst
  • Synchronizing EDC with Business Glossary
  • What is a Custom Attribute? 
  • Why do you Need Custom Attributes?
  • Types of Custom Attributes
  • How do you Assign a Custom Attribute?
  • Expanding the Custom Attribute Section
  • Exporting and Importing Custom Attributes

Module 6: Data Lineage and Impact

  • What Questions does it Answer?
  • Why do we Need it?
  • What is Data Lineage and Impact?
  • Lineage and Impact
  • Impact Analysis
  • Lineage and Impact View
  • Controls to Customize the Diagram View
  • View Child Assets
  • View Intermediate Assets
  • Exporting Lineage and Impact
  • View Connected Business Terms
  • Transformation Logic for Assets
  • Transformation Logic View Tasks
  • Asset Lineage and Impact Summary View
  • Exporting Lineage and Impact Summary

Module 7: Relationship Discovery

  • What Questions does it Answer?
  • Business Challenge: Data Similarity
  • Data Similarity: Example
  • Asset Relationship Overview
  • Relationship View
  • Expanding the Relationship View
  • Relationship Diagram of Related Assets
  • Customizing the View
  • Type of Relationships
  • Difference Between Lineage and Impact View, and Relationship View
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onDemand | Big Data | Self-Paced | Version 10.2

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