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Data Quality: Administration Fundamentals

Instructor Led | Data Quality | 1 Day | Version 10.5

Data Quality: Administration Fundamentals

Course Overview

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive view of configuring and managing the Informatica Data Quality environment. The course will teach domain architecture and its components, application services, business glossary installation, data quality content installations, and developer client configuration. This course is applicable for users of software version 10.5. 

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After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Describe core administration tasks and tools
  • Install Business Glossary
  • Create and configure application, search, and content management services
  • Install Data Quality Contents
  • Configure Developer Client

Target Audience

  • Administrator 




Module 1: Data Quality Introduction

  • Informatica Data Quality technical architecture
  • Informatica domain, nodes, and application services
  • Informatica Data Quality clients
  • Informatica Command Line

Module 2: Model Repository service and Data Integration service

  • Model Repository Service Overview
  • Model Repository Service Management
  • Model Repository Properties
  • Steps to create Model Repository Service
  • infacmd utility to manage the Model Repository Service
  • Data Integration Service Overview
  • Data Integration Properties
  • Steps to create Data Integration Service
  • infacmd utility to manage the Data Integration Service

Module 3: Analyst Service and Search Service

  • Analyst Service Overview
  • Analyst Services Properties
  • Steps to create Analyst Service
  • Analyst Service permissions and log
  • Analyst Command Line
  • Search Services Overview
  • Search Services Properties
  • Steps to create Search Service
  • Lab: Create and configure Analyst Services
  • Lab: Create Search Services

Module 4: Business Glossary Installation

  • Business Glossary Installation overview
  • Steps to install Business Glossary Desktop
  • Lab: Install Business Glossary on Windows

Module 5: Content Management Service

  • Content Management Service Overview
  • Content Management Service Properties
  • Steps to create Content Management Service
  • Lab: Create and configure a Content Management Service

Module 6: Developer Client

  • Connecting the Developer client to the domain
  • Data Integration Service defaults
  • Create Projects, Folders, and set permissions
  • Lab: Configure the Developer Client

Module 7: Scheduler Service and Email Service

  • System Services Overview
  • Scheduler Service Properties
  • Steps to configure a scheduler service
  • Email Service Properties
  • Steps to configure an email service
  • Lab: Configure the Scheduler Service

Module 8: Data Quality Content Installation

  • Content Overview
    • Accelerators
    • Address Reference Data
    • Identity Population Files
    • Reference Table Data
  • Data Quality Content Installation Overview
  • Installation Prerequisites
  • Steps to import Rules and Mappings
  • Lab: Install Address Reference and Identity population data
  • Lab: Import Rules and Mappings
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Instructor Led | Data Quality | 1 day | Version 10.5

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